A treasure house of the traditional culture which is proud of the world, a two-day journey of bullets around Akita

Akita Prefecture, a town in the Northeast facing the Sea of Japan, is a valuable area where unique cultures have been quietly handed down to this day, such as Namahage, which was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2018, and crafts that developed in the Edo period.

On this trip, you will travel around Akita Prefecture while learning about such a culture in depth.

We have a model plan for two days per night, but it is an itinerary that you can enjoy thoroughly even if you take time and go in two nights and three days.

Sightseeing Vol.1 2019/08/27

【DAY1】You can feel the history and culture firsthand while crossing the prefecture.

Looking for souvenirs at “Fujiki Denshiro Shoten

↓40 minutes by car

Learn the fireworks culture of the Omagari at the “Fireworks Traditional Culture Succession Hall

↓2 hours by car

Experience traditional culture at “Oga-Sinzan Traditional Museum and Namaagekan

↓1 hour 40 minutes by car

Cool down with the specialty “Babahera Ice

Akita City Night


First, take the Akita Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and head to Kakunodate Station, which is also a famous spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.


If you rent a car at the station, you will visit the legendary craftsmen’s skills at the popular kaba-crafted “Fujiki Denshiro Shoten”.


After that, Learn about japan’s world-old fireworks culture at the “Fireworks Traditional Culture Heritage Museum” in Omagari, the neighboring city of Daisen. From there, we go to Oga Peninsula.


Here, you can learn the history of Namahage and experience real customs.


If you find “Babahera Ice” while returning to Akita city where the hotel is located, please stop by.

【DAY2】Active sightseeing in Odate full of specialties

Akita City

↓2 hours 45 minutes by car

Interacting with Akita Dogs at “Akita Dog Village

↓5 minutes by car

Mage-wappa (bentwood) production experience at “Odate Kogeisha

↓10 minutes by car

For dinner, we eat a Kiritanpo pot at the “Original Murasaki”.


On the second day, we left Akita city and took a long-distance drive to Odate City.


“Akita Dog Village” in front of the station is a new attraction that has just opened in May 2019. We can touch the Akita dog of Mofumofu.


If you experience working on Mage-wappa (bentwood) at Odate Kogei Sha, you can buy souvenirs here.


For dinner, take it at The “Original Murasaki”, a famous restaurant in Akita’s specialty Kiritanpo pot.

When you return to the Kakunodate to return the rental car from The Odate, you have to run the mountain path for about an hour and a half, so it is a good idea to be able to drop off at The Odate.


From Odate Station, you can return to Tokyo via Shin-Aomori Station or Morioka Station via the Tohoku Shinkansen.


This course may not be available in public institutions, but the number of trains is small, so if you’re not by car, we recommend that you take a leisurely trip in two nights and three days.

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