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Birch work is a specialty product of Kakunodate-cho, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture, which is made by peeling off the bark of cherry blossoms.

Containers and accessories made using unique techniques are excellent in moisture and drying, and are robust.

It is also attractive that the luster which wore a beautiful grain and a refined shine with a expressive grain is beautiful, and the taste comes out so that it uses it.

Since its founding in 1851 (Edo period, Kaei 4th year), Fujiki Denshiro Shoten, which has been making this birch work, is fully attracted by the charm of this traditional craft.

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Warm texture created after a long process

Birch making begins once a year by stripping the bark of the cherry blossoms by the birch master.


It is said that the bark regenerates, and the tree does not die though it is a little cruel when hearing when peeling it.


After the birch is made to dry enough for about one year, it finally takes the hand of the craftsman.

Afterwards, a peculiar luster is born by separating the birch from the color and the state, cutting it, and cutting the surface with the blade of a wide kitchen knife.


It does not adhere even if the temperature of the cote is too low, and it burns even if it is too hot though this is pasted to the wood which becomes the core with heated cote.


It is said that the skilled craftsman can judge this temperature by the sound of ju at the moment when the cote is applied to water.


The birch work, which took a lot of time and effort to make it faint, is a gem that gives off a smooth glow that does not seem to be the warmth of a living tree and the skin of a tree.

Add modern sensibility to traditional techniques

Tomoko Misawa, the seventh generation of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten, which has a history of more than 160 years, develops new products with craftsmen while handling high-quality works by craftsmen in Kakunodate town.


It is impressive that the attitude to always pursue the possibility of birch work by actively adopting a modern idea though it is a long-established store is impressive.


The ring tube series of popular products is finished in the design that fits the interior which fits any japanese and Western eclectic by combining the material of the different color like the stack.


The tea tube, which is resistant to moisture and has antimicrobial properties, keeps the taste and aroma firmly, not to mention Japanese tea, even if you put tea or coffee.

In addition to the various tea cups in the restaurant, there is a wide variety of trays, chopstick rests, accessories, and so on.


Since they are all things that can be used as a thing for the rest of their lives without being influenced by the fashion, why not compare the expressions of each grain of wood and choose one dish with a lot of heart?


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