Learn about Oomagari’s fireworks in the night sky at the “Fireworks Traditional Culture Heritage Museum”

The Oomagari district of Daisen City is a nationally famous place for the “Oomagari fireworks at the National Fireworks Competition (Below, the Oomagari Fireworks Festival)” held on the last Saturday of August every year.

The Oomagari Fireworks Festival has a history of more than 100 years and is one of the three largest fireworks displays in Japan alongside the “Nagaoka Festival Fireworks Festival” in Niigata and the “Tsuchiura National Fireworks Festival” in Ibaraki Prefecture.

This time, let’s approach the charm at “Fireworks Traditional Culture Succession Museum- Hasabi Am”, which introduces oomagari’s fireworks culture.

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The best fireworks artists from all over the country compete for their best in Japan.

Every year, fireworks are held all over Japan, but most of them are held as one of local events and festivals.


On the other hand, the “Oomagari Fireworks Festival” is a competition for fireworks artists.


Famous fireworks artists from all over the country will compete for the best in Japan by announcing the fireworks of the whole body produced by the skill.


The event is divided into three divisions: “Daytime Fireworks”, “No. 10 Ball”, and “Creative Fireworks”, and the “Prime Minister’s Award” is awarded to the fireworks artist, who was the highest scoring standard in each detailed scoring standard.

To such Oomagari, There is “Fireworks Street Shopping Street”, there is a local fireworks trader, and there is also “Fireworks Viewer Certification Examination” by the Dairaku Fireworks Club, and it is full of fireworks over the city.


In addition, this place is also known as the birthplace of “creative fireworks”.


“Creative fireworks” was born from the novel idea that “fireworks can be triangles or squares” in the days when round fireworks were common at that time, and it was adopted for the first time in Japan at the Showa 39 (1964) tournament.


Fireworks artists decide their own theme and pursue creativity such as color, rhythm, and three-dimensional feeling.


If there is music, it is also a point of the examination whether it matches the image, and not only the technology but also the expression power is asked.

A new facility where you can experience the appeal of fireworks from multiple angles

“Fireworks Traditional Culture Heritage Museum- Hanabi Am” is a new facility that opened in August 2018 in Oomagari, Daisen City to convey this fireworks culture widely.


Over the two floors, there is an easy-to-understand panel exhibition on the structure and history of fireworks, as well as approximately 14,000 valuable fireworks-related materials, including gunpowder preparation materials from the Edo period.


Also, when you come here, you’ll always want to stop by the “Hanabi Theater”.


A large 4K4 face of 6m in vertical and 8m in length regularly shows the “Oomagari fireworks display” on a large screen.


Three-dimensional images and realistic sound can be seen, and the launch fireworks of the power full score can be seen.


If you are going to see the tournament, please make a reservation early because it is very crowded, such as accommodation in the vicinity.


Even if you can’t go to the competition, why don’t you experience the beauty of the historic fireworks at the “Fireworks Traditional Culture Heritage Museum- Hanabi Am”?

Fireworks Traditional Culture Heritage Museum- Hanabi Am

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