“Babahera Ice” is a local cool sweets in Akita.

When you drive along the national highway in Akita Prefecture in the summer, you will see a woman sitting under a parasol.

When you stop by wondering, there is a letter of “Babahera Ice”.

If you ask, this ice cream is a soul food of the people of Akita Prefecture, and this open-air sale is the style of the royal road.

The simple naming of a middle-of-the-year woman (Baba) who is a salesperson is unique in her straight name, which is given from serving the cones with a metal spatula, but this cool sweets are a summer akita tradition.

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A beautiful dish like a flower is also pleasant to the eyes.

Bubba’s clothes are all hokamuri and long-sleeved shirts.


It seems to be derived from the fact that this appearance is the clothes of the farm work as it is, and the woman of the farmer was hired and sold as a side line of the farming age.


They only sell one menu under the parasol, “Babahera Ice (200 yen)”.


When I tell you the number you want, open the lid of the cold can in front of you and use a spatula to serve it in the cone.


The can sits on two flavors, pink strawberry flavor and yellow banana flavor, and then alternates.


It is common to put a simple one, but in rare cases there is also a “master baba” who is beautifully served in the shape of a rose.

A gentle sweetness spreads to the mouth.

It’s a waste to eat when you’ve had it piled up cleanly, but there’s no time to hesitate because it melts quickly.


When you take a bite, it is a texture that is close to a good mouth sorbet.


It is the taste of the healing system which becomes a mysterious and nostalgic feelings.


Because it is a refreshing sweetness, it seems to be able to go with two or three.


In recent years, local sweets sold as stick ice cream at convenience stores and collaborations with milky and milk cakes are also lined up at souvenir shops.

In addition to street sales, there are cases where people are likely to gather, such as road stations, service areas, supermarket parking lots, and event venues, so please stop by if you see them.


You should be able to cheer up the smile and cool ice cream of “Baba”.

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