Experience mofumofu with cute Akita dog in “Akita Dog Village”

It is an Akita dog with the fan all over the world now in the character that the hair of Mofumofu and round eyes, and the quiet ness which does not look like a big body.

It is also designated as a national natural monument in a kind of Japanese dog native to Akita Prefecture, for the Japanese is famous in the episode of [Loyal Dog Hachiko], it is known as a family dog loyal to the master.

You can enjoy the interaction with cute Akita dogs at The Akita Inu-no-Sato, a sightseeing exchange facility in Oodate, which opened in May 2019 in Oodate City, the birthplace of akita dogs.

Sightseeing Vol.6 2019/09/12

Recovering the dog breed that has decreased drastically for a while in history

Akita dogs are sometimes referred to as “Akitaken”, but their official name is “Aitainu”.


There was a time when it was called “Oodateinu” because it was active as a matagi dog in the Oodate area before.


From the Edo period to the Meiji era, it was crossed with western dogs because it came to be a fighting dog, akita dog of pure blood was drastically reduced.


In the midst of this, the preservation movement of akita dog species increased in the Taisho era, and in Showa 6, it was designated as the first natural monument in Japanese dogs.

Although it is swayed by various historical backgrounds, it is now preserved as a valuable species.

It is an Akita dog with a strong pure white image, but in fact, red, tiger, black, sesame, etc., variations of color are various.


It is characterized by a triangular ear that stands with a pin, and a winding tail wrapped around a curl.


In addition, the sense of intimacy is also put in a place where a firm body and a little short foot are put.


Because it is faithful to the owner, it is thought that it is a calm temperament, and there is an aggressive side to a stranger and other dogs unexpectedly.


Therefore, it might have been active as a guard dog.

A valuable facility where you can interact with a real Akita dog

At Akita Dog Village, there are many exhibits about Akita dogs, such as the roots and characteristics of Akita dogs, and stories with famous people overseas.


The string of the wallet is loose inadvertently in abundance of a cute Akita dog goods.


In addition, you can interact with Akita dogs in the Akita Dog Exhibition Room.


If Monday is a national holiday, it will be held from 9:30 to 12:30 and 13:15 to 16:15 other than the following weekday, so please stop by at the right time.


You should be surprised at the size of it when you look up close.


If you observe the heavy legs, mofumofu’s hair, and the expression that looks clever, there are new discoveries and interesting things.


In addition, there are many petting spots in Oodate, such as accommodations where you can spend time with Akita dogs.


Please try to touch the charm of akita dog not only “cute” by all means.

Oodate City Tourism Exchange Facility " Akita Dog Village "

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