Go to “Oodate Kougeisha” in search of “Oodate Magewappa” with a love

Magewappa is a cylindrical box made by bending thin plates such as cedar and cypress.

It is a traditional craft from all over Japan, and the name and taste are various, such as the music of the beaba in Fujisaki-cho, Aomori Prefecture, the Igawa Menpa in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and the hakata music of the cedar of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Among them, “Oodate Magewappa”, which protects techniques transmitted from the Edo period, is the only traditional craft designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Located about a 5-minute drive from Oodate Station, Oodate Kougeisha is a popular experience of making “Oodatema Magewappa”.

experience Vol.7 2019/09/17

Everyone was surprised at the variety of Magewappa items

Oodate Kougeisha is a company representing Oodate Magewappa, which has 28 craftsmen, including four traditional craftsmen, and consistently performs everything from buying logs to lumbering, bending, sewing, cherry tree skin sewing, bottoming and finishing.


When you enter the store, there are a lot of Magewappa of various sizes and shapes, large and small.


From simple to modern design, they are all very attractive.


The feel when I took it in a hand is comfortable, and it is only an item which seems to be continued to use it for a long time with attachment.


The characteristic of Magewappa in Oodate is the beautiful grain and hue of Akita cedar which becomes the material after all.


The grain of wood is different one by one, so take a good look and find your favorites.

It is the content of enhancement that you can feel close to Magewappa.

The production experience will be done in the private room attached to the shop.


Advance reservation is required, but many families and groups participate because it is something that can be enjoyed by children and adults.


There are three types of items that can be made: 18cm diameter bread dish 3000 yen, 1 hour 30 minutes, 21cm diameter, 4000 yen, 1 hour and 30 minutes, and 5000 yen for a round bento with a lid, and 2 hours.


Because the difficulty is also different, the person who wants to make it in full scale might be able to be satisfied when choosing a round bento.

Start with the work of put the bottom plate in the round frame.


This is a surprisingly snug size, and you’ll need a canazuchi to fit in.


After it is fixed with the adhesive and dried, the corner and the surface are smoothed with the file.


Akita cedar is soft, so you work carefully so as not to scratch it.


The attachment springs when it is fluffy.


And, the production time is quickly done by the content of the enhancement by having the workman lecture on the history and the feature of Oodate Magewappa, and experiencing the work of bending in the place where the bending was felt very close to the bend.


Akita cedar has excellent hygroscopicity, so even if you put bread, the tray sucks in moderate moisture and keeps a fragrant texture.


Because it is simple, it is attractive to be able to match it to various tables regardless of Japanese and Western.


Please visit “Oodate Kougeisha” to make a dish that you have your own feelings.

Oodate Kougeisha

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