Let’s taste the authentic kiritanpo with “Original Murasaki”

Kiritanpo is synonymous with Akita Gourmet.

It is eaten everywhere in Akita Prefecture, but it is said that the large pavilion known as rice is the home.

In such a large building, “Kiritanpo pot” is a taste of the mother’s which can be eaten in any home very usually.

It is also essential for local festivals and ceremonial occasions when people gather.

We visited The Original Murasaki, a famous local restaurant in Oodate City, to discover the taste of tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation in each family and region, and is firmly rooted in our daily lives.

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Local specialty is the large set of Kiritanpo pots.

Kiritanpo is a food that removes the “Tanpo rice cake” baked by wrapping the crushed rice wrapped around a stick of cedar.


It is a recipe of the Kiritanpo pot which is common to boil it with the hiuchi ground chicken of akita specialty, the leek, the mushroom, the gobo, and the seri.


The soup is a soy sauce-based soup taken at the hiuchi chicken’s gala, or it may be made miso-flavored at home.

Enjoy the most popular authentic Kiritanpo pot.

Variations of “Original Murasaki” Kiritanpo is served by the shop staff from the pot to the bowl.


There are two types: “Special! Kiritanpo Pot 2320 yen/1 serving”, and self-style “Kiritanpo pot 2160 yen/1 serving”.


Both are kiritanpo pots of the royal road with basic ingredients, and the soup carefully taken from a high-quality Hiuchi chicken is a refined taste.


Try to taste firmly in kiritanpo of the cheek, and a happy taste spreads to the mouth every time you put the cheek.


In addition to this, “Original Murasaki ” also offers a variety of local dishes, such as “Kiritanpo Bowl Set 1510 yen~” which is popular among tourists.

By the way, kiritanpo’s most delicious season is autumn when new rice is on the market.


Not only does the delicious Kiritanpo be put in a pot, but there is also a way of eating “miso-with Tanpo”, which is baked with sweet miso, and it seems to be popular as a snack for local people.


Kiritanpo, where the taste of rice affects the taste, is still something you want to eat in akita prefecture.


Please visit Oodate to taste the exquisite gourmet food that Akita gave birth to.

Original Murasaki

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Saiwaityou 12-9, Oodate City, Akita
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Tue-Sun 11:00-13:30, 17:00-20:00 (open for lunch only on Sundays)
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