A journey to discover new possibilities in the tradition supine that has been handed down in the North

Aomori Prefecture has many traditional crafts that have been nurtured in its long history.

It is the crystal of the technology and beauty born from the wisdom of life to overcome a long and severe winter, and the smartness that lives in the castle town of Hirosaki.

The warm texture and the dignified presence that seems to be the northern country are the charm only of the traditional craft of Aomori.

This time, let’s go on a journey where you can feel the wonderful tradition and rich nature that has been passed down through the world in the northernmost part of Honshu.

Sightseeing Vol.1 2019/10/01

【DAY1】"Koginzashi" (an old needlework technology) production experience and sightseeing in Hirosaki city

Arrive at Hirosaki Station
↓10 minutes by bus
Deepening knowledge of Koginzashi at “Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute
↓7 minutes on foot
Tea time at “Taisho Roman Coffee Room
↓3 minutes on foot
Learn about Hirosaki’s culture at “Hirosaki Castle
↓5 minutes on foot
Kogin sashimi production experience at “Koginzashi Shimaya handicraft shop
↓10-minute walk
Cheers with the barrel-out siddle of “Brewing Tavern GARUTSU
Hirosaki City Night

You can arrive at Hirosaki Station before noon by using “Hayabusa”, an early morning Shinkansen.


From Hirosaki Station to the area around Hirosaki Castle, which is dotted with attractions, it is convenient to take a 100-yen city-circulation bus.


Because it operates every about every minute, the convenience is good, too.


The main theme of this day is “Koginzashi” with beautiful geometric embroidery.


After seeing high-quality works at the Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute, try creating your own works at the Koginzashi Shimaya Handicraft Shop.


During this time, don’t forget to have a cup of tea in the Taisho Roman Coffee Room, where you can enjoy apple sweets in a retro Western-style building, visit Hirosaki Castle, and get around Hirosaki sightseeing.


In the evening, have a cider, a sparkling liquor using Hirosaki’s apples, at a bar in the town.

【DAY2】After walking through the beech forest of Shirakami, go to a popular craft workshop

Hirosaki Station
↓ 1 hour 30 minutes by bus
Hiking the World Heritage Site “Shirakami Mountains
↓ 30 minutes by bus
Workshop tour and production experience at ” BUNACO
↓ 1 hour by bus
Depart from Hirosaki Station


There are direct flights from Hirosaki Station to Aqua Green Village ANMON and Tsugaru Pass, which are the starting points for hiking in the Shirakami Mountains (only from June to October).


If you want to go hiking casually, we recommend the beech forest trail that takes you about an hour.


There are various other routes, so make sure to select the route taking into consideration the time required, difficulty, and return bus time.


After cultivating energy in the rich beech forest, you will go to the “BUNACO” workshop in Nishimeya Village, at the foot of the Shirakami Mountains.


You can watch the production and experience the production.

It is also attractive to have a public transport network that is convenient for tourists.

This trip is an itinerary that you can go around without a rental car.


Let’s use city bus and sightseeing bus well.


For those who want to go trekking in Shirakami Mountains all day long, you can add a day and turn “BUNACO” the next day.


Hirosaki City is famous for its many shops that offer delicious apple pie.


“The Hirosaki Apple Pie Guide Map” is also distributed at tourist information offices at Hirosaki Station, so be sure to stop by while walking.

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