In search of beautiful koginzashi items, go to “Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute”

“Koginzashi” is one of the quilting techniques that have been introduced to the Tsugaru region since the Edo period.

At that time, farmers in this area were farming with hemp kimonos, but it was said that women began to quilting with cotton thread in order to reinforce the field wear and increase heat retention.

The In the Tsugaru region, it was said that the name was given because it was called “Kogin” in Nora.

At the “Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute”, the charm of this tradition is passed on both in Japan and overseas.

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Intricately combined geometric patterns

There are countless Kogin basic patterns, from simple to complex.


Each pattern has an old name, such as “Idowaku”, “Hanatsunagi”, “Tako-nako”, “Shimadazashi”, and “Four-kogori”. A pattern is created.


The traditional Koginzashi is “white cotton thread on indigo linen”, but in recent years it has been developed into a variety of colors using various cloths and threads.

You can purchase Koginzashi items at Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute.


There is only a place that can be said to be the center of Kogin culture, and the quality is with origami. The price is also conscientious.


There are various types, from small items such as coasters, to large items such as business card holders, pencil cases, bags and bands.


There are many variations of colors and patterns, so you will be wondering which one to use.

Deepen your knowledge while watching the production

Furthermore, if you request it, you can visit the workshop without making a reservation (limited to the workshop operating day).


In the workshop, about 6 craftsmen are always working, and we can see how weaving the fabric with weaving and applying fine embroidery.


I heard that there are about 100 in-house craftsmen outside Hirosaki city, and the embroidery produced by these people is checked here, and it goes to the stage of finishing the product.


If you listen to the traditional patterns and the flow of production, you will learn carefully, so it will be a great learning experience.

Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute

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61 Zaifucho, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture
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