You can enjoy apple sweets in the retro space of “Taisho Roman Tea Room”.

Hirosaki, which became the base for the opening of civilization in the north, still has many retro buildings that retain the remnants of that time, and it is an area that is irresistible to architecture lovers.

One of these historical buildings, “Taisho Roman Cafe room”, is open this time using a Western-style building located in Fujita Memorial Garden.

From the window seats built in the solarium, you can enjoy sweets and snacks made from famous apples while looking out over the garden to show the seasonal expression.

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Retro space as if you've gone back in time

Fujita Memorial Garden, which is close to Hirosaki Castle, is one of hirosaki’s best tourist attractions, which is also designated as a national cultural property.


In the beautifully manicured garden, western-style buildings, Japanese-style buildings, and warehouses are scattered around.


As soon as you enter the entrance of Fujita Memorial Garden, you will see a cute building with a tongari roof.


At first glance it looks like a mansion, but if you look closer, you can see that the Café “Taisho Roman Cafe room” is open.


Once you step in, you will be greeted by beautiful stained glass and a large fireplace, and your attitude will naturally be corrected by the dignified atmosphere flowing through the building.

If you come to this café, we recommend that you sit by the window seat in the solarium even if you wait for a while.


White walls, yellow-green window grates, cute tiles and lamps, and the retro interior of the Taisho era.


The large windows are filled with swaying classical glass, and beyond you are a carefully manicured garden.

Sweets and snacks with sweet and sour apples

Here, sweets made with apples from Hirosaki is popular.


There are six kinds of apple pies of popular patisserie in Hirosaki city, so it seems to be fun to share with friends and compare them.


“Apple and vanilla ice garret (600 yen)” with grilled apple and vanilla ice cream on crepe dough made from buckwheat flour from shirakami is also recommended.


There are also a variety of meals, such as unique curry with apples, so it’s perfect for lunch.


Why don’t you fill your stomach and heart in the Taisho Roman Tea Room, where you can spend a relaxing time in a nice atmosphere?

Taisho Roman Tea Room

Street address
8-1 Kamishiroganecho, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture
phone number
business hours
daily 9:00-17:00
WEB site
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