Time trip to the Edo period at Hirosaki Castle, which conveys the taste of the time to the present

Hirosaki Castle, which is designated as an important cultural property of the country and is also known as a famous spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, is a historical spot to visit at the mast when you come to Hirosaki.

Of the 12 castle towers that have existed since the Edo period, the castle tower is the only valuable historic site in Tohoku, and the entire outline of the moat, stone wall, and the soil base, etc. is almost preserved at the time of the ruin.

Think about the Edo period, which was the political and economic center of the Tsugaru region while strolling through historical sites of such historical value.

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A castle that flourished as the center of Tohoku in the Edo period

First of all, let’s introduce the history of Hirosaki Castle roughly.


In 1590, Tamenobu Oura , who achieved the unification of the Tsugaru region, acquired 45,000 yield territory from Hideyoshi Toyotomi.


At that time, The Foundation of the Clan was started in 1594.


In 1600, Tamenobu received an additional 2,000 stone increase from Ieyasu Tokugawa in the battle of Sekigahara, and the Hirosaki clan of 47,000 yields was established.


In 1603, with the establishment of the Edo Shogunate, a new town was split in the present Hirosaki, and the castle was planned, but the plan was temporarily suspended due to tamenobu’s death in 1604.


In 1609, Nobuhira, the second generation, reopened the castle. The castle was built at a rapid pace and was completed in 1611 in just a year and a few months.


At that time, it was a big tower on the fifth floor.


However, in 1627 the castle tower was destroyed by lightning.


The castle tower of the present three layers was rebuilt in 1810 though the castle tower remained inastate for about 200 years afterwards.

What a bad luck that the guardian would be burned down in less than 20 years after it was completed.


Moreover, it is not in disgrace that there was no castle symbol for 200 years because of the restrictions of the times afterwards.


Hirosaki Castle is a place where you can walk freely around the site, and you can enter the tower, so it’s interesting to see the regrets of the lords and the people of the time, and the obsession with rebuilding.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the four seasons.

In Hirosaki Park, you can wear authentic traditional costumes and take photographs, such as majestic armor and beautiful kimonos, “Costume dressing experience for the Palace and the Princess” is also a unique service called “Pay-per-view”.


There are “Cherry blossom festival” in spring, “Hirosaki neputa festival” in summer, “Chrysanthemums and autumn leaves festival” in autumn, and “Snow lantern festival” in winter, so various events are held to suit the season, so it is attractive to see different expressions whenever you go.


Photo courtesy of Hirosaki Park General Information Site

Hirosaki Castle

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