Experience “koginzashi shimaya handicraft shop” firmly ♪

After touching on koginzashi’s culture at “the Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute”, let’s try it out.

“Koginzashi shimaya handicraft shop” in town, about a 5-minute walk from Hirosaki Castle, allows you to make cute walnut buttons with koginzashi. 

It takes about an hour for beginners. It is a small embroidery, but it is deep, and it is quite rewarding.

It is also very interesting to hear about koginzashi’s history and culture while working.

experience Vol.5 2019/10/15

It is fun to have a pattern gradually.

First of all, it is from the color selection. Because a small cloth and a thread are set, you choose a favorite combination from among them. The variety is abundant and it is troubled.


The traditional color is white thread on indigo cloth, but beginners seem to be easy to see and work with if they choose a cloth with a light color. 


Once you’ve decided on a color, you’ll choose a pattern. There are several kinds of koginzashi patterns.


It seems to be difficult, but the difficulty is not so different.

It is a start immediately once the color and the pattern are decided. First of all, you will be taught how to proceed easily.


It is a detailed one of the work though the teacher shows the sample, “One is picked up, it flies two, and one is picked up, and it flies” and the teacher shows.


It is all you can do just by counting the number of cloth eyes.


The fingertips that spread the cloth with a needle tremble.


Koginzashi’s characteristic is that it always moves the needle sideways and draws the pattern in combination.


I heard about it at the Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute, but I reaffirmed that it was something like this.


The level of understanding is different between listening and actually moving your hand.

One dish with the feeling that you want to cherish for a long time is completed.

As you get used to it, your teacher will tell you carefully about the depth of koginzashi’s history and culture, which is very interesting.


“Why was koginzashi born in Aomori? How many patterns are there in all?


And so on, let’s ask more and more questions that you were worried about.


While doing so, the last step is completed!


It’s a small pattern, but it’s a feeling of accomplishment because it’s a single needle.


If this is put on the button press machine on the spot, the walnut button is completed.


It is good not to make a hair ornament through rubber, and to be a point of clothes and accessories.


It is very interesting to actually move your hands and feel the depth of koginzashi on your skin.


Because it is reasonable with 550 yen per walnut button, please feel free to experience it by all means.

Koginzashi Shimaya Handicraft Shop

Street address
13 Oaza Hyakoku-cho, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture
phone number
business hours
Mon-Sat 9:00-18:30 (pre-order)
WEB site
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