At hirosaki’s night, we toasted with a cider of “Brewing Bar GARUTSU”.!

It is a sparkling wine “Cider” made from a French apple, but in recent years, the number of wineries and breweries that make the cider in Aomori, the origin of apples, has increased.

Located about a 10-minute walk from Hirosaki Station, “Brewery GARUTSU” is a rare restaurant bar with a cider brewery.

You can enjoy fresh cider s and creative dishes using aomori tastes.

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A fragrant cider that goes well with dry taste

In this shop, the first drink is a cider without hesitation.


If you want to enjoy the taste of the sea dollar simply among the many sea-fill menus, “Barrelo Cider GARUTSU 480 yen” is recommended.


Because it is poured from the barrel, the shot is strong, and the smell is fresh, too.


It is also unique to be offered with ice so that the temperature does not change. When I take a sip, it tastes dry and refreshing.


You might be a little surprised when you imagine ” cider = sweet drink”.


Still, the gentle flavor and refreshing acidity peculiar to apples are alive and well, and because sweetness does not remain in the mouth, it is good as a meal sake.


It is careful because it is high as an alcohol content and a cider though the mouth is good and it drinks well.


In addition, there are also original cider s such as “mixed-up ciders” made with apples and grapes, “Sweet cider”, which has an alcohol content of 580 yen, and a cider of popular breweries in Aomori Prefecture.


There are also plenty of cocktails made with ciders.

Creative dishes made with local ingredients are perfect for cider.

There are also many dishes to match cider at THE BREWING BAR GARUTSU.


Among them, we recommend creative sushi rolls such as “California Roll 680 yen” and “Avocado Shrimp Roll 790 yen”.


In addition, “Tsugaru’s Potesala (580 yen)” mixed with dried filleted herring from Aomori is ideal for snacks with smoky otona flavor.


There is also a wide selection of aomori specialty horse meat dishes.


Cider is also sold in bottles, so if you like it, it’s a good souvenir.


Of course, aomori local sake and royal local cuisine are fine, but please try seasonal drinks and dishes with a contemporary arrangement of Aomori ingredients.

Brewing Bar GARUTSU

Street address
13-1 Daikan-cho, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture
phone number
business hours
Mon-Sat 18:00-23:00
WEB site
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