Experience the crafts that the world pays attention to at bunaco Nishimeya Factory

After the hike, we visited bunaco’s workshop, which makes beech-based crafts at the foot of the white god region.

It is said that beech trees are so much more moisture that they are called “forest dams”, and they are not suitable for processed products such as building materials.

Bunaco is a technology invented in Aomori Prefecture in 1956 in order to make high-value-added manufacturing by making the most of such beech.

In the factory that used the building of the elementary school which had been closed as it is, it is possible to see the state of the production without the reservation, and the production experience (advance reservation necessary) is also possible.

experience Vol.8 2019/10/25

The secret of the beauty of BUNACO items is approached by the factory tour.

First of all, i will explain from the tour in the factory.


Bunaco’s technique is to slice the beech wood into a thickness of about 1mm based on the principle of wig peeling, roll it into a tape-like cut, and push it out to form it.


The process of winding, forming, finishing, etc. are divided into details, and you can learn how BUNACO can be done by observing the processes that are divided into each classroom in order.


The craftsmen work with a cool face, but when you look at them, you can see that they are doing a lot of hard work.


By carefully handcrafted one by one with a sense of skill, products that feel unique beauty and warmth are born.


You can also listen to speakers made with BUNACO in the music room.


I want you to listen to the soft sound quality that wraps up the space by all means.

It's a big difference between seeing and making! You can reaffirm the artist's amazing ness in the production experience.

Now that you’ve learned about BUNACO, let’s move on to the production experience.


In this program, even beginners can easily challenge the vessel with a diameter of about 25cm.


If the teacher showed you the sample, you will start right away.


This does not jump at the start though the one in the state where the tape-like beech is rolled up flat and piled up attaches the rounding by using the side of the teacup.


You can see how tightly it is wrapped up.


While getting advice from the teacher, i put on the weight of my whole body and put a little bit of inclination little by little.


It becomes soft gradually when it becomes rounded a little, and it becomes pleasant at all.

This is where you can show your sense.


Because it can be formed freely, such as a rounded shape, a linear shape, and a shape that spreads as you go to the edge, we make a shape while imagining an image on the head.


You can make as many corrections as you want, so you can try a lot of things until you’re satisfied.


I tried to make it into the form of a symmetry this time, but I am satisfied with the form that a soft curve of BUNACO can be felt.


At the end, the craftsmen will finish it cleanly, and we will have you mail it to you about a month later.

Take a break from the hotel's stylish café.

After the experience, don’t forget to have a cup of tea at bunaco cafe.


It is said that the space where various BUNACO products such as lighting and stools were arranged stylishly was a school lunch room.


In addition to sweets such as apple pie and baumkuchen, there is also a daily menu of pasta at lunchtime.


Please visit bunaco Nishimeya Factory, where you can experience the beauty of Beechco with your five senses.

BUNACO Nishimeya Plant

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196 Murata Shiroina, Nishimeya, Nakatsutsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture
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business hours
9:00-16:00 (12:00-13:00 break), BUNACO CAFE10:00-17:30 (L.O17:00) Sundays and holidays until 17:00*Irregular holidays
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