In search of “Kumano brush” that is highly praised by the world, we went to “Brush village workshop”

Kumano Town in Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture is a famous production area for brushes, which boasts the largest production volume in Japan.

With a history of more than 180 years, Kumano Brush has been loved by many calligraphers and artists for many years because of its high quality.

In recent years, the production of makeup brushes has been active, and it is said that it is loved by the world’s top makeup artists.

In the “Brush Village Workshop” which introduces the history and culture of such “Kumano Brush”, you can see, touch, and experience it, and reconfirm the charm of the brush with five senses.

experience Vol.2 2019/11/14

The history of the brush which changes shape with the development of the character is interesting.

When you go from the entrance to the underground exhibition space, you were surprised at the world’s largest brush hanging in the center.


A huge brush with a length of 3.7m and weighing about 400kg is impressive.


The history of brushes and letters is introduced in an easy-to-understand manner with real exhibits, panels, and videos.


In addition to the exhibition, there is an experience corner where you can actually write pictures and letters using various types of brushes, and you can see a demonstration of brush making by traditional craftsmen, so it is a fulfilling content that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.


Even people who usually have few opportunities to use a brush should be able to see a sudden desire to draw with a brush.

A piece of body made through a detailed process

Here, let’s challenge the brush making experience (3500 yen) by all means.


There are 12 processes in brush making, but you can experience the two processes of “kami-hair winding” and “finishing” in it by the hand of traditional craftsmen.


“Upper hair roll” is the process of winding the core hair thinly and uniformly with high-quality hair.


It is said that the upper hair is the one to improve the slip of the brush, and to prevent a short hair from coming out when using.


I’ve used a brush several times before, but I didn’t realize that the brush hair was two layers.

Then, the ear neck (the part of the hair) which was trimmed is attached to the shaft, it is attached to a lot of glue, it is combed through, and the hair is straightened while removing the dirt.


Finally, you will complete by squeezing the glue while turning the brush so that it becomes a cone-like wrapped thread around the neck!


Every single thin hair is dealt with, and every work is horribly delicate.


It is surprising that the craftsmen say that they make this according to the thickness of the brush, the type of hair, and the condition.

A variety of Kumano brushes are also a must-see shop.

There is also a Kumano brush shop that handles items from 31 brush manufacturers in Kumano-cho, and there are 1,500 kinds of books, drawings, and makeup brushes.


It’s nice to be able to choose your favorite brush while getting a trial brush or expert advice.


You can relax because the cafes overlooking the waterside gallery and the terrace overlooking Kumano-cho are also comfortable.

Brush village workshop

Street address
5-17-1 Nakamizo, Kumano Town, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture
phone number
business hours
Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00 (Admission: 16:30)*Open on public holidays and closed the next day
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