The spiciness to be numb becomes a habit! “Dry dan dan noodles” of the topic eating comparison

Speaking of Hiroshima’s B-class gourmet, there may be many people who imagine okonomiyaki, but “Dry dan dan noodles” has gained popularity in recent years.

In addition to the hot ness of the chili peppers, it is characterized by an exciting taste that adds the numbness of the mountain pass.

There are many popular unique shops in Hiroshima Prefecture, so it’s fun to eat and compare.

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The spark of the Dry dan dan noodles boom that faithfully reproduces the taste of the real thing

The shop that is said to have created the current Dry dan dan noodles boom is “Kisaku” here.


The bright red appearance is a 3-minute walk from Funairi Yukimachi Station in Hiroshima.


The menu includes Dry dan dan noodles, Ikageso Dry dan noodles, and Dry Pin Noodles, but if you’re new to the menu, choose Dry dan dan noodles, the royal road.


It is also good to topping hot spring eggs.


Because the clerk asks about the hotness, it is good to make it “spicy half” if you are not good at spicy things.

“Dry dan dan noodles” is served with noodles and leeks on top of the sauce.


It is the correct way to eat the soupless noodles to mix this well anyway.


When you put the noodles mixed in the mixture into your mouth, the flavor of the seafood spreads to the mouth, and the spiciness of the yamatake mushroom and the pepper begins to show its presence.


It is a very punchy cup characterized by the taste of rich seafood.


It is just that it reproduces the authentic taste of Sichuan Province, China, and the exotic taste becomes a habit.

A well-matched set where you can enjoy the taste of two popular stores at once

“Kunimatsu + Musashibo” in the commercial facility “ekie” directly connected to Hiroshima Station, which opened in October 2019, is the best place to eat compared to eating.


You can enjoy the taste of the two dry dan dan noodles popular shops at once, it is a shop full of deals.


Recommended is the “half & half set” that the small size of the soupless noodles of Kunimatsu and Musashibo became a set.


It also comes with hot balls and rice.


First of all, it is from a full of Kunimatsu.


It is a deep taste that combines the sharp ness of yamatake and chili peppers, as well as the aroma of various spices such as octagonal.

Next is Musashi.


The rich sauce is well intertwined and has a creamy taste.


It is excellent compatibility with plenty of green onion.


It’s fun to add vinegar, lard oil, and wild boar on the table to taste it to your liking.


Don’t forget to drop the warm eggs on the way.


At the end, it is how to eat the royal road of Hiroshima style dry dan dan noodles to mix rice with the sauce and to shime with the rice.


There are a lot of dry dan dan noodles shops in Hiroshima city, and everyplace offers a cup of elaborate body, so please try to find your favorite restaurant by eating and comparing various things.


Street address
5-13 Funairi Kawaguchi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture
phone number
business hours
11:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00 (Sunday-15:00, public holidays- 14:00)

Kunimatsu + Musashibo

Street address
ekie DINING 1F directly connected to Hiroshima Station
phone number
business hours
WEB site
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