Power charge at Miyajima and Itsukushima Shrines with a mysterious presence

Miyajima is a sacred island that has been said to be dwelling by God since ancient times.

Itsukushima Shrine, famous as a symbol of such an island, is an important building that is registered as a national treasure and a World Cultural Heritage site.

Because it is built on the sea, it looks like floating in the sea when the tide rises, and its appearance is like a dragon palace.

It is a popular secret that you can enjoy it no matter how many times you visit it, because it shows different expressions depending on the time and time of your visit.

If you come to Hiroshima, it is a place you want to visit without fail.

Sightseeing Vol.5 2019/12/17

A scenic shrine with a history of nearly 1500 years since its foundation

It is said that Sajima No Kuramoto was founded in the first year of Suiko (593).


In 1168, in the late Heian period, Saeki No Kagehiro built a maritime shrine connected by a corridor like today with the help of Kiyomori Taira.


It is said that several years were spent to complete everything, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was about to unify the whole country, visited the shrine.

The arrangement of the bold building simply on the site of the sea is unique and original.


The shrine hall, which is connected by a corridor, is a building that is the best of the Heian period sleeping hall, and shows a mysterious scenery floating in the sea when the tide rises.


The vivid scarlet of the building, the blue of the sea, and the green contrast of the surrounding mountains are beautiful and even remember the unrealistic sense.

The Otorii gate is currently under repair.

It is a Itsukushima shrine that has been repaired and rebuilt each time, although it has been hit by natural disasters and fires many times during its long history.


The current Otorii gate was built in 1875, but since more than 140 years have passed and damage and aging have progressed, large-scale preservation and repair work has been underway since June 2019.


It seems that the end time of the construction is undecided at the stage where the investigation of the damaged place is done now, but it is also looking forward to seeing the Otorii gate that comes back with more power up.

Itsukushima Shrine

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Miyajima, Htsukaiti, Hiroshima 1-1
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Daily 6:30-17:30 (March-Mid-October-18:00, December-17:00)
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