Miyajima’s highest peak ” Misen”, breathtaking in the 360-degree spectacular view

Miyajima Shrine is famous for its World Heritage Sites, but it is not well known that the primeval forest of Misen, the highest peak on the island, is also a component of the World Heritage Site.

Yayama is dotted with historical sites, boulders and historical cultural properties, and the view from the top overlooking the surrounding area 380 degrees is a moving beauty.

There are many ways to approach such as trekking and ropeways, and it is also attractive that you can enjoy the road to the top.

Sightseeing Vol.7 2019/12/24

Choose how to access according to your time and physical strength.

Misen is a 535 m high mountain in the center of Miyajima.


Because of its divine appearance, it has been the object of the faith of the people on and off the island since ancient times.


You can go to the top by ropeway, so people who don’t have time or physical strength are recommended.


However, even if you use a ropeway, you still need to walk on a mountain path with ups and downs for about 30 minutes from the station to the top, so sneakers and easy-to-move clothing are essential.

If you're going to try trekking, be ready!

If you have time and strength, trekking is fun.


To reach the summit, there are three courses: the 2.5km MomijiDani Course, which is accessible from the entrance to the ropeway, the Daiseiin Course, which is about 3km from the Daiseiin Nio Gate, and the Daigen Course, which is about 3,2 km from the starting stone.


This time you’re heading from Daiseiin, so you’ll choose the Daiseiin Course.


There is also information that one way is long and two hours, and you can easily climb, but the road to climbing the stairs is quite hard.


It is strongly recommended that you challenge with proper equipment and plenty of time.


In particular, there are no drinks or food on the way, so don’t forget to prepare water.


The weather is also changeable, so if there is a possibility of rain, it is necessary to prepare rain gear.

It’s a pretty steep road, but the view from the top that got over it and reached it is a word of superb view.


The area around the top where huge rocks rumble is somewhat unrealistic atmosphere.


Beyond that, you’ll find 360-degree panoramic views of the islands in the Seto Inland Sea and Hatsukaiti.


The well-maintained observation deck is a place where you can relax and relax, so it’s a good idea to take a good break here to replenish your return energy.


It is also good to use the ropeway only on the way or the way back.


It’s worth going even if you’re struggling. Please come by all means with plenty of time.


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