To “Miyajima Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ” in search of warm wood cooking utensils

As you walk around the island, you’ll come across a variety of ladle souvenirs, large and small with different letters written on them.

That’s quite natural. Miyajima is the best producer of wooden ladle in Japan and is said to be the birthplace of ladle.

The items of “Miyajima Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” which produces Yoyogi ladle in such Miyajima are full of wood and handmade warmth.

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The wooden ladle of Miyajima which is famous in the whole country

Miyajima’s history dates back around 1800, when a monk dreamed of Benzaiten, came up with ladle from the shape of its beautiful rose, and it was made from the sacred trees of Mt. Gozan.


It is said that it invites happiness if you eat at the ladle of this Sacred Tree, and it became widely known throughout the country.

Simple design and ease of use, there are many fans all over the country

Miyajima Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. consistently produces everything from materials to finishing in Japan.


With the number of workshops making ladle in Miyajima decreasing, there are few places to stick to pure domestic products now.


The raw material is made from domestic wood, which is known mainly in the Chugoku Mountains, and is cut out and formed by hand one by one.


His motto is “Manufacturing that is close to modern life by making use of traditional woodworking techniques.”


There seem to be a lot of fans in the whole country a lot of items which can be used for a long time familiar to any kitchen.

If you look at the product lineup, not only ladle but also cooking bella, miso spatula, butter spatula, etc., there are various types and shapes.


All of them are simple at first glance, but they are the ultimate form of the material, angle, length, etc. calculated.


If you hold it, it will blend easily into your hand, and you will be surprised at its ease of use if you use it.


In addition, by finishing without paint by taking advantage of the grain of wood, it is also attractive that the more you use it, the more beautiful the gloss comes out.


It is s with items of “Miyajima Craft Manufacturing” that can be used every day with attachment with a warm texture unique to handmade.


In addition to being treated in Miyajima’s workshop, you can also purchase it by mail order, so please check it out.


Check out the products of “Miyajima Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”

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