The whole area is full of huge seasers! Siser Farm at “Yonago Ware Workshop”

When we drive through the Yonehara area in the northwest part of the island, we are surprised to see a huge seaser suddenly appearing.

Moreover, it is a little different from the siser that we know.

“Yonago Ware Workshop” is a workshop that produces and sells a variety of seasers, large and small, but the “Siser Farm” that spreads behind the workshop is the best.

There is an unreal space.

Sightseeing Vol.2 2019/07/18

A power spot where a huge sear of individuality faction meets

The “Seaser Farm” at the back of the workshop is dotted with 33,000 m² of vast grounds, twice as tall as ours.


Moreover, any seaser is so unique that it is super attached.


Some of them are a lot of limbs, some are painted colorfully, such as blue or pink, and some of them are sit-down on bills, some of which are a level that you can’t tell if they’re anymore a seaser.

But you all feel the mysterious power to be healed just by looking at them with a rich expression.


Moreover, this garden seems to be still in the middle of landscaping, and the seaser seems to increase still.


It is free of charge and is a photogenic space, so it is also recommended for girls who like photography.

Cute seasers who want to take home involuntarily

In the shop, a variety of large and small seasers are sold from palm size to large and small things that can cost tens of thousands of yen, and each one of them is handmade and has a different expression, but it is cute.


In the workshop, you can see how the staff makes the siser, so please take a look.

Yonago Ware Workshop

Street address
447-1, Yumi, Ishigaki City, Okinawa
phone number
business hours
hours: 9:00-17:45 daily
WEB site
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