If you want to eat fresh seafood, don’t hesitate. Popular Tavern “Hitoshi”

Ishigaki Island, where many tourists come from all over the world, has a lot of shops that boast a taste.

Among them, Tavern “Hitoshi” is a shop that recommends locals and Ishigaki Island repeaters to eat delicious seafood.

It is famous for not connecting the telephone though it is necessary to make a reservation, but it is a shop worth going even if it struggles.

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A famous restaurant that is reputed to be delicious no matter what you eat

Tavern “Hitoshi” has a head office and a Shigandang (stone) shop, but it is easy to enter the three-story, large-capacity stone dare shop.


The Shigandang (stone) shop is a digging style that goes up with your shoes off, and you can look into the lively kitchen from the calm atmosphere of the restaurant.

Now, when you look at the menu to see what you want to eat, you’ll be amazed at the richness of its variety.


Sashimi and fish stew, sushi, fried rice, shrimp cream and other western-style dishes are also available.


It has a reputation for being delicious no matter what you eat, but the best place to eat is “sashimi platter”.


There are a lot of fish of the island such as the island octopus, mebai, and ilabchar, and the inside and the large toro.


The thickly cut sashimi is full of flavor, and the drink of awamori advances.


This is only said to be exceptional with 1500 yen for two people (photo).

It's hard to make a reservation, but there's a trick!

If you ask, it is this shop that the reservation is full up to one month ahead.


It is also famous for not connecting the phone of the reservation easily.


However, it is still early to give up.


In fact, after arriving at the ishigaki, if you go directly to the store immediately after the opening of the shop, a few hours later of the day, will contact us when the seat is available.


It is said that it is possible to guide it if it is not a large number when it becomes about 21 o’clock though it is likely to wait for two to three hours.


Please enjoy the delicious seafood unique to Okinawa by all means using such tricks.

Hitoshi higandang (stone) shop

Street address
197-1 Okawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa
phone number
business hours
Mon-Sat 17:00-23:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
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