Take a buffalo car across the sea to “Yufujima”, a green paradise.

Speaking of Iriomote Island, many people may imagine a buffalo car crossing the sea, but I think many people know that there are remote islands ahead of them.

At its peak, the island is 2.15 km from where more than 100 people lived, and it is truly a paradise with a wide variety of flowers and colorful butterflies.

You can forget the world and spend a relaxing time.

Sightseeing Vol.4 2019/07/25

An emotional buffalo car that invites guests to paradise

Access to “Yufujima” is a buffalo car (round trip + admission fee of 1720 yen).


It leaves one flight every 30 minutes, so it’s a good time to check the time to keep up with the flames.


Now, when you get into the buffalo car, the buffalo begins to walk slowly.


It stops on the way and the place of my pace is charming, too.


On the way, if you feel the refreshing sea breeze in the background music the tone of the three lines that the uncle of the buffalo errand plays, it is completely wrapped in the west expression together.

Take a leisurely stroll while observing plants and butterflies.

When you arrive on the island, you can spend freely without a time limit after a brief island tour.


The island is home to subtropical plants such as gajumal and moon peaches, and the remains of houses and schools in the former villages are left behind.


There is also a beach called “Manta Beach” on the island, and you can see Obama Island, Ishigaki Island and Kuroshima island at the top of the beautiful turquoise waters.


“Shimachaya” is a healing spot.


You can enjoy good coffee and gelato while taking over the superb view.

In addition, the butterfly garden where a large and small colorful butterfly dances is recommended because of the high degree of paradise.


There are shops and restaurants on the island, so we hope you will enjoy the subtropical nature as much as you want, without being too conscious of the time to return.

Yufu Island

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