Gentle gradation challenges beautiful “mangrove dyeing”

It is “ Experience Workshop Yukui” in the village about a five-minute drive from Yufujima.

Here, you can experience dyeing using mangroves, which are rare not only on Okinawa Main Island but also on Iriomote Island.

The work of moving the hand by relying on the sensibility while receiving the hand of the teacher who is a professional of the plant dyeing and weaving seems to return to the child’s mind and it is fresh.

You forget the time and immerse yourself.

experience Vol.5 2019/07/30

It is also fun to talk with knowledgeable teachers.

It is Mr. Nagaro who runs the workshop with a cheerful smile wonderful.


Weaving and dyeing are not enough, and he is quite a maniac of spinning yarn, dyeing with plants and making yarn by himself.


They answer these questions carefully, so you’ll be more knowledgeable.

It's interesting not to know what kind of pattern you can do until it's finished.

Mangrove dyeing can be made with a bandana, eco bag 3,500 yen each, t-shirt from 5,300 yen, stall 3,900 yen~ this time, but I choose a T-shirt.


First of all, imagining the completion from the sample which hangs in the workshop.


When it is roughly decided, the part where the handle is put is folded into yamatani and it ties it with the thread.


The strength of this knot will greatly affect the completion, so let’s go tightly and strongly.

First of all, the dye of the thin mangrove is put on the knot.


You will skip little by little so that a beautiful gradation can be done.


When the dark dye is extended as well, it dries with a dryer.


It looks like bread, and it doesn’t have an image of completion at all.


But if you spread it slowly when it is dry well, you will have a beautiful gradation! The mangrove seems to become darker in addition when applying it to the sun.


You are satisfied with a beautiful gradation very much.

At the workshop, in addition to mangrove dyeing, there are also programs such as weaving experience, strap making using shellfish and coral, and painting of a sear, so please come and visit according to your preferences and schedule.

Experience Workshop Yukui

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11-1 Komi, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
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Daily 10:00-19:00 (temporary closures are available.You need to book a reservation for the experience.)
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