Perfect for breakfast! Freshly made yushi tofu with “Tofu no Higa”

In Okinawa, tofu is famous for its solid and firm “shima tofu”, but there is actually another thing called “yushi tofu”, which has a fluffy texture that is gentle on the body.

This is tofu before putting soy milk in the mold and putting the thing that began to harden, and it is a local gourmet which cannot be eaten easily in Honshu because of the freshness because of the life.

“Tofu no Higa” is popular not only with tourists but also local people when you can eat such yushi tofu.

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A long-established shop with a rich natural location that seems to be Okinawa

It is “Tofu no Higa”, which has been loved by the local son for a long time as a long-established tofu company.


It is located on the edge of the city, which is a 10-minute drive from ishigaki port remote island terminal, which is the center of ishigaki island tourism.


The opening time is 6:30, but many people come in the morning, and in an hour we can queue up.


The semi-open seats are blown through the fresh wind and the relaxed air.

The ultimate healing gourmet with a gentle taste and texture in the body

Yushi Tofu is recommended for a set with rice, pickles and soy milk.


The size is small 350 yen, large 450 yen, oversized 550 yen, and extra-large 650 yen, and there is a super-large large yen, and if it is a woman, the stomach should be filled enough if it is large because there is a volume overall.


It seems to become a balanced breakfast when you add the side-by-side such as stir-fried vegetables and fried egg (100 yen each).

Yushi tofu is a bite without anything first.


The gentle sweetness of the soybean spreads to the mouth, and the fluffy texture relaxes the mind and the body.


After that, enjoy the change of taste with soy sauce, salt, homemade miso, and correy goose (okinawa’s spicy seasoning, which is soaked in the island and gargle sprouts in awamori).


At the end, it’s good to have it turned on to rice.


The soy milk which comes with the set is also rich and has a drink.

Island tofu making experience is also recommended

“Tofu no Higa” also offers an island tofu making experience.


Once you have completed the tofu and island tofu from the process of stirring the beans, you can also make tofu champloo and yushi tofu soba and sample them on the spot.


The time required is two to three hours.


The trial fee is 3,980 yen per person and can be accepted from 3 people (reservation required at least 1 day in advance).


There aren’t many places in Ishigaki Island where you can experience making tofu, so if you have time, please give it a try.

Tofu no Higa

Street address
570 Ishigaki, Ishigaki City, Okinawa
phone number
business hours
Mon-Sat 6:30-15:00 (close as soon as sold out)
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