Get up close to the beauty of Kawadaira Bay with the activity SUP of the topic

Kawadaira Bay, rated as the only three-star Michelin star in Okinawa Prefecture, is a scenic spot to visit if you’re visiting Ishigaki Island.


Swimming is prohibited due to the strong tide, but various activities such as glass boats and kayaks are offered.


In such a situation, we introduce SUP that you can enjoy the sea more directly.

Sightseeing Vol.7 2019/08/06

SUP that can feel the sea directly with simple equipment

SUP is called stand-up paddle surfing with the initials “Stand Up Puddle.”


As the name suggests, you can enjoy an elegant sea-level walk while standing on a surfboard and rowing with a single paddle.


Because of the relatively new activities, there are not many tour companies that deal with SUP in Ishigaki Island, but this time, the “Aappea Adventure Ishigaki Island”, organized by the board members of the Yaeyama Stand-up Paddle Association, I participated in the SUP curing (3 hours per person, 8000 yen) tour of Kawadaira Bay Uninhabited Island.

Even beginners can ride easily by surprise.

Let’s go to the sea as soon as we gather in the shop and prepare for change of clothes.


First of all, you will receive guidance on land, such as how to stand on a board, how to use a paddle, and how to deal with it when it falls into the sea.


It comes to stand up at once even the beginner if the sense is gripped though it is a calf state at first by fearing when practicing in shallow water.


How to bend and stop are surprisingly easy.


When you feel confident, you’ll head to the offing.

Because the wave rises when going out to the offing, it does not go like shallow water indeed.


There was a wind at the time of the interview, too, so even though it was burnt, it did not advance easily.


The moment I pulled my mind a little while doing so, dobon! I thought that it did not fall as much as possible, but such fear is blown away once it falls.


The feeling of moving on the sea with high transparency is just a walk on the surface of the sea.


You can also see colorful tropical fish swimming at your feet.


On the way, stop by a deserted island for a walk, or enjoy a leisurely cruising while taking a picture, it will take about three hours in no time.

Approach the beauty of Kawadaira Bay from various angles

“Kawadaira Bay Uninhabited Island SUP Curing” aims at high tide time, so the time you can experience varies from day to day.


In addition to the “Aconair Adventure Ishigaki Jima”, there are also snorkel-set tours and sunset SUP cruising in March and October where you can enjoy the red-colored sea.


Kawadaira Bay is beautiful enough just to see, but if you take it one step closer with the activity, you’ll find the beauty of scale.

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