Go to “Nantou Yaki kobo” in search of colorful vessels that are fully open to Okinawa

It is ” Nantou Yaki ” which is carefully made one by one in ” Nantou Yaki kobo ” in a remote mountain about a minute’s drive from Kawadaira Bay.

It is characterized by its simple form formed by the soil of Ishigaki Island and its powerful design that shines well in the strong sunlight of the island, and it is a phantom pottery that is said to be hard to get outside the island while having many fans all over the country.

In the workshop, you can purchase products and watch the production at the right time.

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A handmade workshop by a family who loves ceramics

” Nantou Yaki kobo ” is a workshop run by mother Nami and daughter Katherine of the Lorimar family, who are all potters.


Nami studied ceramics in Kyoto, New Zealand and Australia, and after returning to Japan, she fell in love with the soil of Ishigaki Island and moved to Japan.


We have been making ” Nantou Yaki ” here for about 40 years.


The site is filled with small shops, workshops, kilns and living spaces, all of which are self-built.

Each piece is carefully made of expressive works

The production is all handmade from clay in the workshop.


It is said that the completion frequency becomes about once every three months because the work is advanced little by little with molding, bare baking, painting, and main ware from there for one month to make clay.


The patterns depicted in the work are varied, such as fish, animals, and plants, and there are also okinawan motifs such as kumanomi, manta, and goya.


On the other hand, the geometric pattern which seems to go well with a variety of Japanese and Western dishes is also wonderful, too.


All of them are characterized by powerful lines and colorful colors, and they are full of mysterious power that will cheer you up just by looking at them.

Anyway, because it is a popular vessel, there seems to be almost no product in the studio depending on the time of year.


It is safe to contact you before you visit.


In addition, there are many kinds of pottery lovers who like pottery because there are many exhibits at the Ishigaki Island Yayoi mono festival, where yaeyama pottery is gathered in December every year.


Also, my daughter Katherine is opening a workshop in the main town of Okinawa from the summer of 2019, so please check it out.

Nantou Yaki kobo

Street address
1218-263, Ichikawahira, Ishigaki, Okinawa
phone number
business hours
10:00-18:00 (irregular holidays, confirmation required in advance)
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