The pot field that spreads on one side is a masterpiece! It is a body-friendly Chinese dish that uses black vinegar to protect the manufacturing process from the Edo period.

A 50-minute drive from Kagoshima Airport, you will reach Fukuyama-cho, the famous Kirishima city, as the origin of black vinegar.

The surrounding area is lined with a large number of black vases in an orderly fashion, and if you go up the hill with such a mysterious landscape, you will see the “Sakamoto Brewing” which is your destination.

Here you can visit the Tsubobatake, purchase black vinegar products, and eat Chinese food with black vinegar, which is a topic among locals and visitors.

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Taste the delicious & healthy black vinegar menu with great views.

First, we went to the Sakamoto Kurozu Tsubobatake restaurant on the site.


The high ceiling and spacious interior is a relaxing atmosphere, and from the large windows, you can see a vase of black vinegar lined up on top of it, and then there is Sakurajima floating in the sea! I dance your my heart to the superb view that I can only see here.

This is a Chinese dish with black vinegar.


There are a variety of dim sum, classic Chinese dishes, seasonal menus, drinks and desserts.


Among the most popular are the special hot-acid spicy noodles (972 yen).


If you order the “Tsubobatake” Kenmi Dim sum Lunch (1944 yen), you will be satisfied with a set of three dim sum, lotus rice, dessert, and drink in the half size of the special Surakotan.


The sour acidity of the mellow black vinegar is excellent with a rich Chinese dish.


We can feel the refreshing aftertaste from inside the body.

A simple manufacturing process passed down from the Edo period

In the Sakamoto Kurozu “Tsubobatake” information Museum in the restaurant, you can learn about the history and manufacturing process of Sakamoto’s black vinegar production, as well as a video or panel, and ask the staff to guide you through the hotel.


The black vinegar of Fukuyama is made in the process which does not change from the Edo period.


Only three of the materials are steamed rice and rice koji and groundwater.


It is put in the jar, and it is fermented by the power of the microorganism which lives in the jar, and this manufacturing method to complete the entire process in one jar is not seen in the world.

In the shop corner, you can sample and taste various kinds of black vinegar and related products.


You will be surprised by the breadth of the taste of black vinegar, because you can taste the one that the fermentation and the aged for three years and five years are compared, and it is easy to drink black vinegar.


Take a look and learn and taste the “Sakamoto brewing” and try to touch the charm of black vinegar that supports health and beauty.

Kurozu Tsubobatake Restaurant in Sakamoto.

Street address
3075, Fukuyama-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture
phone number
business hours
daily 9: 00-17: 00 (restaurant 10: 00-)
WEB site
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