Enchanted at the moment when a noble Twinkle is produced “ecoKIRI” experience to make Satsuma Kiriko more familiar

Satsuma Kiriko was produced by Satsuma Clan from the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji era.

“Glass Studio Deshimaru of Beauty Takumi”, while preserving this tradition, produces products tailored to the modern life, and sends the appeal to domestic and international.

You can also visit and shop at the workshop in Kirishima City, and experience the cut of Satsuma Kiriko.

experience Vol.3 2019/05/08

The soft gradient and geometric design are beautiful enough to sigh.

Satsuma Kiriko is characterized by a beautiful gradient called “blur” and profound thickness.


In the studio, a small cut is given, and a glass and a vessel which emits a beautiful shine enough to sigh are lined up.


These are the crappy luxury items of one point tens of thousands of yen, but the “Glass Studio Deshimaru of Beauty Takumi” expands the “ecoKIRI” series using the end material.


Small items and accessories of reasonable price are perfect for everyday use.

Handmade accessories of Satsuma Kiriko with plenty of presence

In addition, if you can cut the “ecoKIRI” by yourself, it has become popular especially in women with high fashion sensitivity.


The items you can make include pendant heads, earrings and brooches. The tie pin seems to be pleased with the present, too.


(Experience Fee: 6480 yen)


First, we started with the selection of glass as a material. Green, blue, red, yellow, and purple are abundant in color variations, so the shape is also different only to the end material, it is quite annoying to choose one…….


Let’s decide by intuition while the image of completion.

When the material is decided, it is practice first. We are going to cut fearfully while getting advice from craftsmen.


Because the depth of the cut changes only a little in the condition of the putting of power, the control is difficult at first, and when the point is gripped, the appearance that a beautiful gradation of Satsuma Kiriko is born is a pleasure somehow!


When the practice ends, it is the real thing now.


The second time you can afford to enjoy.


It is finished when I give a cut to my heart’s content. So far, 40 minutes.


It’s fast. The finished product will be shipped at a later date because the Craftsman has the final finish.

Overwhelmed by the skill of craftsmen

After the experience, I will visit the workshop.


The appearance of the fine pattern is carved in a colorful glass is truly a divine work.


After the experience, you can see how much craftsmanship is all about.


It is said that the design which feels a modern atmosphere somewhere in a strong line is the one created by adding a new sensibility to a traditional pattern.


The Satsuma Kiriko of “Glass Studio Deshimaru of Beauty Takumi” that the long history and the training of the craftsmen, and the modern sensibility there were added is not tired of looking.


Please try to taste the charm of Satsuma Kiriko which gives off a dignified beauty from a variety of angles by all means.

Glass Studio Deshimaru of Beauty Takumi

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1-19-27 Shimizu Kokubun, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
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