To the Satsuma Tin Craft Museum in search of a magic vessel that makes the liquor surprisingly delicious

“Glass Studio Deshimaru of Beauty Takumi” to stop by all means “Satsuma Tin Craft Museum”.

A high-quality Satsuma tin vessel, also known as a tribute to the emperor, has been exhibited and sold, and there is also a museum that conveys the history and manufacturing process of the Satsuma Tin, and a workshop that can be visited, which is impressive enough.

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High processing technology praised from around the world

A Satsuma tin vessel developed from the discovery of tin mines in the suburbs in the Edo period.


Although Tin is no longer produced in Kagoshima, the technique is now being conveyed as a traditional craft.


While the soft tin is easy to process, it is said that a high level of technology is needed for shaving and etching.


When you show the tea barrel that the workman’s arm is tested most, the lid fits without the gap of the teeth.


I feel the elaborate feeling like a stick.

A variety of effects of the Satsuma tin instrument actually surprised with

The greatest characteristic of Satsuma tin is its high thermal conductivity.


Therefore, it is said that it is cold, and the warmth is high, and the taste is made mellow by the power of the ion, and it is said that it is the best for the liquor vessel.


It was skeptical, but I was convinced to try to use it actually.


The whole vessel becomes cold at the moment when pouring shochu with ice in a tumbler, and the mouthfeel is soft when I drink a sip.


I felt it was very easy to drink it by the taste that the corner was taken while raising the gorgeous fragrance of Shochu.

In addition to the sake vessel, the flower vase makes the flowers last long, and the tea barrel keeps the scent of the coffee, and the effect of the tin is surprised as it knows.


In the Satsuma Tin Craft Museum, you will find tin products that are suitable for individual tastes and lifestyles, as well as popular tumblers, and a variety of large and small liquor vessels, vases, and vessels.


A flat plate with a modern pattern is also recommended.


Please try to experience the effect of the Satsuma tin device for the hand by all means.

Satsuma Tin Craft Museum

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4-18-2, Kokubun Central, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
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business hours
daily 8:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:30 (Sunday 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:00)
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