A local popular satsuma-fried specialty Store ” Bekoya ” which enhances the taste of the material with gentle sweetness

In the middle of the journey to eat and walk in the sense of snack, it is the most famous specialty gourmet of Kagoshima to take home as a souvenir fried satsuma.

A lot of Satsuma fried specialty stores are scattered in the prefecture, such as a famous shop from a long-established place and a private management shop in a local area.

This time, we will introduce the “Bekoya” which is close to the workshop at the ” Souougama ” by Takenouchi-san.

food Vol.7 2019/05/08

Seasoned with the taste of local ingredients

In the first place, “Satsuma fried” is a fried fish by adding liquor and seasoning to the surimi.


It is also called “Tsuki-fried” in the local area, and it is indispensable to the table of Kagoshima prefecture as a dish of sake without snack.


Because seasoning and the lineup are different for each shop, it is said that the local people decide the shop of the patronage according to the favor.


The “Bekoya”, which is made by sticking to ingredients such as vegetables and local sake produced in Kagoshima Prefecture, is characterized by its gentle taste compared to the typical deep seasoned satsuma-fried.


If you eat a simple “Kobouten” (100g195 yen), you will feel the original rich flavor of the fish.

It is also attractive to have a unique lineup.

The lineup is as abundant as 20 kinds, the carrot that is sand in the plate-like is fun “Carrot” (125 yen), sweetness of sweet potatoes is popular with children “Imoten” (130 yen), shrimp, potato, onion containing There are also unique things such as Saigo lift (120 yen).


The “Heart-shaped Satsumaage” (130 yen), which appears in the Valentine season, is also popular.


It is insisted on a good condition by the food which has been cut greatly all, and the eating response is enough, too.


The gentle sweetness brings out the taste of the material.


In addition to the head office in Aira City as a real store, there is also ion Aira store (photo) and ion Hayato Kokubu store, we would like to visit a store that has access to the drive route.

Bekoya Honten

Street address
2985-1 Hiramatsu, Aira-shi, Kagoshima
phone number
business hours
9:00-19:00 (Sundays, holidays-18:00)
WEB site
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