A healing journey to taste the power of Mt. Fuji and the culture of tradition

Yamanashi Prefecture is blessed with abundant nature centering on Mt. Fuji.

In the Kofu area, which is the capital of the prefecture, the high-level culture that flourished in the age of Kai Genji, Takeda and Tokugawa is still being handed down.

There is also a full selection of local delicacies such as Koshu wine, seasonal fruits, and the like that make use of the climate characteristics.

Let’s enjoy sightseeing while looking at Mt. Fuji which changes the expression by the season and the time zone.

Sightseeing Vol.1 2019/06/13

【 DAY1 】 Enjoy exquisite wine while touching the charm of washi from Kofu

Arrival at Ichikawadaimon

↓ 10 minutes on foot

Paper plow experience in “Toyokawa paper mill”

↓ 40 minutes by car

The production tour of Koshu parent-child Daruma in “Folk art studio Gakunan”

↓ 10 minutes by car

Visit and tasting of “Sadoya Winery”

↓ 5 minutes on foot

Let’s drink a little in “Koshu Wine Brewery Tasting”

Overnight in Kofu city


First of all, we experienced the paper plow at Ichikawadaimon, known as Washi no Sato.


In the afternoon, we will visit the workshop of Koshu parent-child Daruma with a unique look.


When you return to Kofu station in the evening, visit the popular wineries and enjoy the exquisite wines.


In addition, drink a glass of wine from a variety of wineries in the wine bar near the station.


Now that you’re feeling tipsy, you can eat the Hoto of Yamanashi specialties, or you can even immerse yourself in the world of Koshu wine in the wine bar dotted around Kofu city.

[DAY2] We are looking for popular tile items after worshiping the light that come in Fujimi bath

Kofu Station

↓ 40 minutes by car

Sunrise Bath & Breakfast at “Hottarakashi Onsen”

↓ 20 minutes by car

Shop at “icci” and lunch at the Hotel Café

↓ 3 minutes by car

Isawa Onsen Departure


If you stay around Kofu station, leave the inn early in the morning.


The Hottarakashi Onsen is famous for its open-air bath overlooking the morning sun.


If you enjoy a lot of hot springs, we recommend you to have breakfast here.


You can eat a refreshing breakfast while you are looking for Mt. Fuji.


After enjoying the Hottarakashi Onsen, the stylish items using traditional tiles are headed to Ichinose Kawara Kogyo, which is a topic of ICCI brand in Japan and overseas.


The items of the solid Icci are perfect for a gift to an important person.


After shopping, enjoy a leisurely lunch at the hotel’s café.

Kofu Station is the starting point for this model plan.


It takes about two hours by car from Tokyo.


The JR Express Azusa, which became a new vehicle from March 2019, arrives in 1 hour and 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station.


Because it is the perfect distance for a short trip from Tokyo, we want to go out to casually on a good weather holiday.


(Main photo offer: Yamanashi tourism promotion Organization)

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