Handmade Washi experience to feel the traditional technology from the Heian era

It is a 30-minute drive south of Kofu station and a 40-minute train ride south of Ichikawa-Misato-machi.

This is a famous place for Washi from the Heian period.

There were 200 paper mills at its peak, but there is only one factory for handmade washi.

In the Toyokawa paper factory, which protects such a valuable tradition, you can feel the charm of beautiful and delicate washi paper through the experience.

experience Vol.2 2019/06/18

Direct guidance from craftsmen at the only handmade factory in town

When you ask about “Toyokawa paper Factory” which is quietly erected in the residential area of Itikawadaimon, Ichikawa-Misato-machi, the only handmade washi craftsman of Ichikawadaimon is greeted with a smile.


Toyokawa is the sixth generation of the Toyokawa paper mill and has been chosen as the Intangible cultural property of the town for 40 years.


What a luxury to be able to guide the craftsmanship of tradition directly to such a mogul craftsmen.


Experience, postcard, business card, choose from among the three types of large washi of about A3, each one coin. 500 yen.


If you have time, you can experience it all.

It is not going to work, and it is a paper work that fits even an adult.

The most difficult level of the three types is the experience of making a large Japanese paper.


This is more difficult than the desire, although the Kozo (Broussonetia papyrifera) and Mitsumata (paper birch), etc., which become the raw material of the paper, are used to dip evenly into the mold.


I try to imitate Mr. Toyokawa who scooped up in a moment and rhythmically leveling, but I cannot do it well by being biased somehow.


In addition, this work is quite physical strength game because it lifts a heavy type using the whole body.


Mr. Toyokawa kindly supports me who keeps the trial & error many times.

If you have a certain amount of moisture, dry it with a dryer at the back of the factory.


The big dryer that the firewood was able to be filled is tasteful.


I paste it here and finish it on a supple paper.


About five minutes after pasting, “I can peel off already”, Toyokawa’s voice will be.


When I peel off fearfully, washi which emits a soft luster is completed!


I am satisfied that the uneven part is felt in the texture of a good condition.


The texture of Japanese paper unique to me is the feeling that I want to touch all the time.

Postcards and business cards that use the type, so there is little work of leveling, children can enjoy casually, but adults want to try to challenge the big paper.


It is quite true.


Postcards and business cards take a little time to put pressure on a large press machine to remove moisture, so it will be shipped at a later date.

Toyokawa Paper Mill

Street address
1362 Ichikawadaimon, Ichikawa Misato-machi, Nishiyatsushiro-gun, Yamanashi
phone number
055-272-0075 (experience is required)
business hours
inquiry required
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