“SIWA”, a new sense of traditional Japanese paper products produced by tradition and innovation

This is the hometown of Washi, Ichikawa-Misato-machi, Ichikawadaimon.. Japanese paper made here has been cordially protected, such as being presented to the shogunate by the Takeda family and the Tokugawa family.

After that, they are now proud of the Japanese market share of Shoji paper, while establishing the technology of machine paper making through major technological innovations.

“SIWA”, one of the Japanese Washi manufacturers that support the Japanese paper industry of Ichikawdaimon, “Daityoku” is a topic in Japan and abroad as an innovative item that has dropped the beauty and strength of washi into everyday items.

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A new texture that overturns the concept of Japanese paper that tastes as it gets used up

“SIWA” has a strange texture that has never been tasted elsewhere.


Crushed flat texture and a gentle hue with facial expressions and lightness when taken in the hand is the paper itself.


But, far from breaking even if you use it on rainy days, the taste that tastes like embezzle it is also a leather product.


This unique fabric is “Naoron”, a non-torn Shoji paper developed jointly by Daityoku.


The product design is handled by Naoto Fukasawa, an industrial designer who is active in the world.


By carefully refining the washi paper, the delicate, gentle texture and strength are drawn out to the fullest, and each one is carefully sewn to finish the product.

The lineup of the “SIWA” series is rich in color variations, including bags, wallets and hats.


While there is also a classical Japanese style of washi, because it is a simple design that is tailored regardless of the Japanese and western, matches nicely to any scene from formal to casual.


It is suitable for a gift because it does not matter the age and the sex.

Let's go to a store where the lineup and color varie are abundant.

You cannot visit or shop at Ichikawadaimon’s workshop, but the items of “SIWA” are handled by select shops around the country and even around the world.


In Yamanashi Prefecture, we have a wide variety of five lakes in the direct-operated store “is combination” in Fuji-san.


In addition to the “SIWA” series in “is combination”, there are a lot of stationery and accessories of the company brand “is combination”, so please stop by all means in the middle of sightseeing in Yamanashi.


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