To “Folk art studio GAKUNAN” In search of a cute Koshu parent-child Daruma

A unique design with a child in the stomach like a kangaroo is an impressive Koshu parent-child Daruma.

This is a traditional toy from the Edo period in this region.

I visited the “Folk Art Workshop” which is the only workshop to make this Daruma, and I was able to visit the technology of the tradition while hearing the desire that was put in the Dharma.

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Making a Daruma that was born to get over the long winter of Koshu

“GAKUNAN” is a 10-minute drive from Koshu station in a residential area.


Mr. Takenan Saito, who is the second generation, and his son are both defending the tradition of “Koshu Daruma”.


The origins of the Koshu Daruma have been around for 400 years, and the “parent-child Daruma” has been made for about 150 years.


It is said that it was the beginning that the farmer and the carpenter started making it as a sideline during the long winter in Yamanashi.

A unique expression is filled with many thoughts.

The studio is lined with various small and large dolls, and the two of you are silently coloring and painting.


The expression of the parent-child Daruma is very cute.


The eye of the parent Dharma is slightly downward so that the eyes fit when placed on the altar and the meaning of watching the child.


The child is facing straight ahead with the desire to go straight toward the goal.


The splendid beard of the child Daruma drawn with the wish of the success of the life is added to the uniqueness.


As for the Dharma, there is a red image, but the Koshu Daruma is a basic white because it prays for a good harvest of cotton and sericulture which was a typical industry of this ground.


It is said that it came to be used as a present of “pray for easy delivery of the pregnant woman” from Edo Middle and late.

In the “Folk art studio GAKUNAN”, you can visit the workshop and purchase products in advance.


In addition, “Ricavreseo” located in Kofu station building, SEEO, and a 15-minute walk from Sakaori station next to Kofu station, “Yamanashi Prefecture local industry Center” is also likely to handle the product.


It is also attractive that the expression is different from each Daruma because it is handmade one.


Please take one of your favorites back to your hands.

Folk Art Studio GAKUNAN

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