Tour of “Sadoya Winery ” to taste Koshu wine with five senses

In Yamanashi Prefecture, the birthplace of the Japan wine, there are about 80 large and small wineries, from the established establishment of the early Meiji era to the newly established breweries.

In order to close the secret of the Taste of “Koshu wine” recognized by the world, we visited Sadoya Winery , established in Taisho 6.

If you take a tour, you can also visit and sample the wineries inside, and enjoy the charm of the Koshu wine with your senses.

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A winery that has been established for 100 years

Sadoya Winery is located about a 5-minute walk from Koshu station.


To take a tour, you need to make a reservation in advance, but the location is easy to visit.


The tour is six times a day.


Since the capacity is 15 people in 30 to 40 minutes each round, it is recommended to book as soon as the schedule is decided.


The tour is an underground wine cellar that spans around 700 tsubo, allowing visitors to visit the Keg cellar, the one-bottle storage compartment and the interior storage tank, as well as an exhibition of know-how about grape cultivation and winemaking.

An underground wine cellar with a mellow wine scent

The tour will start at a designated time.


When you open a heavy door, there are stairs that follow the basement.


There is a spacious space that you cannot imagine from the ground.


Because it is cool, it is good to prepare the drape one.


The guide explains the wine carefully while walking in the dimly lit building.


From the basics of wine, such as the difference between red and white and rosé, the history of Koshu wine and even the good way to open a wine cork will deepen your understanding of wine.

Take a second half of the tour and enjoy your tasting time! There are three wines that represent the winery.


If you teach the tasting method to roll in the mouth, the mood is completely wine-connoisseurs.


You will also be able to feel the taste of the wine.


If you like wine, please come and visit us because it is a highly satisfying tour with all five senses to enjoy the wine of Koshu.

Sadoya Winery

Street address
3-24, 3-chome, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi
phone number
business hours
daily 10:00-18:00
WEB site
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