A wine tasting room with a good drink

When you wake up to Koshu wine in a winery tour, it is a natural flow to try more different wines.

The perfect Feeling is a 3-minute walk from Koshu station, the “Koshu Winzo Tasting” located in the corner of Koshu Yumekoji.

The wine shop’s tasting room offers a selection of wines that are carefully selected by glass.

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A rich assortment of wines that you can always find

“Koshu Wine Storehouse Tasting” is a standing drinking style tasting room.


It is just the operation of the adjacent wine shop, from the Royal Road brand of the long-established winery to the rare wine of small wineries, there is a lineup to become wine.


The number of red and white is 20 different.


The staff will tell you the taste of the favor and will introduce the stock of the recommendation.


Because the personality of the wine appears in the sense of the label, it seems to be happy even if it chooses by the jacket.


Because it uses a dedicated wine cellar, the preservation state is also excellent.


The best taste and aroma are preserved.

We are glad that we can have a lot of fun.

The price of 432 yen per glass is also attractive.


There is also a half-size (216 yen), which is ideal for those who want to try a lot of different types.


Easy appetizers are also available, and the snack plate with prosciutto and salami and cheese on one plate is 590 yen.


The combination of a sense of stability, you can enjoy the wine fully.


“Koshu Wine Brewery Tasting” is a fun to drink and compare the Koshu wine of various stocks.


Since it is open from an early time, it is also good to stop by the casually to wait for the train.

Koshu Wine Brewery Tasting

Street address
Koshu Yumekoji, 1-25, Marunouchi 1-chome, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi,
phone number
business hours
10:00-18:00 (changed seasonally) ※ Snack Last order 17:30
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