Learn about “Aji stone” in a world famous stone region.

The Aji-Mure area is the origin of the Aji stone, which is known as the leading stone of the Japan.

Many stone shops are scattered all over the town, and the large stone piled up in the surrounding area makes a unique scenery.

When you get to the town, first visit the “Yakuri Temple”, which is known as the 85 of the Sikoku 88 places sacred sites, and in the “Takamatsu City Stone Folk Museum” beside it, let’s take a peek at the deep stone World as you know.

Sightseeing Vol.2 2019/05/16

Gokenzan enshrined the Tengu, standing on the back, the venerable righteous temple.

Spring is cherry blossoms, autumn is a famous place for autumnal leaves, and the new Year during Yakuri Temple many people gather.


Because it is on the mountainside of the vantage, you can use the cute eight chestnut cable car in H retro.


When you arrive at the entrance of the temple for a five-minute ride, you will climb the slope on foot from there to the main hall.


The Gokenzan at an altitude of 375m towering behind the bare rock, and the appearance like pushed up the sword from the ground is mysterious..

The principal image of Chujobodo in the rear of the main hall is a very well tengu.


The Geta of the tengu is lined up at the entrance of Chujobodo, but the Tengu is running around in the middle of the night wearing this clogs, so Geta is likely to be dirty.


A lot of marks of “Purse” and “Radish” are seen in the precincts, and “purse” means the acquisition of Fukutoku Treasure and prosperous business, and “Radish” is a profit after a good edge accomplishment and physical health.


In addition, you can see Takamatsu City from the observatory that the Kobo Daishi enshrined, so don’t forget to visit here.

To the world of deep stone which is dazzling in the museum of the Stone Specialty

A 5-minute walk from the cable car to Yakuri Temple, it’s a “Takamatsu City Stone Folk Museum”, so let’s stop by.


In this area with the world’s best stone processing technology and the world-class “Aji stone”, we introduce the wisdom and technology that has been built up for about 400 years in a real exhibition, a diorama, and a panel to understand it easily.

The group will be limited to 10 to 20 people with a reservation of up to a month in advance, but there is also a stone-related experience class.


Especially, it is a stamp making of the stone (500 yen).


You trace a favorite pattern to the stone of about 2cm square, and carve it with a carving sword. It is fun enough even for adults to dig in the innocent feeling the texture of the stone.


It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it is quick.


In addition, there is also a mini stone Akari (1000 yen) to make a pile of stones, so please try to experience if the conditions are met.

Gokenzan Yakuri Temple

Street address
Mure-machi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
The cable car is daily from 7:30 to 17:15
WEB site

Takamatsu City Stone Folk Museum

Street address
1810 Mure, Mure town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
Tue ~ Sun 9:00 〜 17:00
WEB site
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