Products of “Aji stone” quietly cuddling to modern life Approaching the appeal of “AJI PROJECT”

It is said that the crystal of the stone is very small and the hardness equivalent to the crystal, and the beauty of the blue black luster when polishing, and “Aji stone” also referred to as Granite Diamond.

To make it easy to incorporate this high-quality stone into modern life, AJI PROJECT is the product development and dissemination in Japan and overseas.

This time, visit the stone shop that leads to such “AJI PROJECT”, let’s close to its charm.

crafts Vol.3 2019/05/21

A long-established stone shop that breathes fresh into the world of Aji Stone

The first thing I visited was the Shimamoto stone Industry Co., Ltd.. Mr. Kenichiro Shimamoto, the representative of the company, is the fourth generation of this year, which is just 100 years.


Along the historic site of Genpei in Mure town, we participate from the launch of the event “Murei Genpei Stone Akari Road” which enjoys the road of stone lights, and fresh to the culture of Aji stone, such as designing and manufacturing new products.


This company undertake the overall stone processing production, but what they are particularly good at is polishing. In hand polishing, we carefully finish one complex shape.

The Aji stone is 80,000 to 90,000 yen, whereas a cube of 30cm square is about 6,500 yen from China.


Moreover, it is about 3% of the total amount of mining that can be sawn as a tombstone in order to avoid the myriad of scratches which run to the north and south of east and west, “Shimamoto says. Knowledge and experience are therefore indispensable.


The tension runs in the cutting process.


If you contact in advance, you can also feel free to visit the production.


It is more powerful than you imagine when you see a big heavy machinery up close.

The next visit is “the Nakayama Stone Workshop”, which has an impact on caricature signs.


It is a workshop dedicated to “round” processing such as round parts of graves, flower stands, round pillars of Torii, and Hoju.


Representative Tadahiko Nakayama is the creator of the “Millstone Coffee Mill”, which won the Small Business Agency Commissioner Award in the Gourmet & dining style show non-food category, and the Aji stone products nationally famous.


In addition to this, the workshop is filled with playful items such as doorstopper and pen stand.

A workshop with an open atmosphere on the road allows you to visit anytime and buy products.


Because the one that the prototype and the product which did not commercialize are sold at cheap, the possibility of finding a bargain is also large.


Mr. Nakayama is also a erhu player, so there is also erhu made of Aji Stone, please try to listen to the beautiful tone by all means when you visit.


Please check the AJI PROJECT here

“Shimamoto stone Industry Co., Ltd.”

Street address
2424-5 Mrei town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
If you wish to visit, please contact us beforehand.
WEB site

"Nakayama Stone Workshop"

Street address
2760-5 Mure town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
Mon-Sat 9:00 〜 17:00
WEB site
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