Stone Shop Craftsmen Recommended! Let’s compare the Udon shop in the Aji mure area.

“Udon” is the only one to claim, Kagawa Prefecture is udon heaven.

If you are driving around the city, you will be surprised at how many udon shops appear once every three minutes.

It’s nice to have no trouble eating udon, but it’s an annoying place to choose from this huge number of udon shops.

It is best to ask local people at such time.

Here are three recommendations we have taught to our stone shop craftsmen!

food Vol.5 2019/05/28

The most popular and famous stores in the prefecture also have a good atmosphere ◎

First, the Udon Honjin Yamada House is a popular restaurant in Tokyo Solamachi.


Because it is famous, it is possible to get traffic jams in the queue and parking waiting at the weekend.


With traditional techniques such as “stepping”, “handmade”, and “cutting knives,” the udon noodles are characterized by its chewy texture.


The popular menu is “Bukkake udon (310 yen)” (photo) and “Unforced bukkake (570 yen)”.


The soup with fine Katsuobushi from Hokkaido’s finest kelp and Kagoshima Prefecture is refined and lightly to the last bite.


It is also attractive to be able to dine while looking at the landscaped garden in a venerable mansion registered as a tangible cultural property.

An unpretentious taste and atmosphere loved by local people

The second visit is “Otani noodle‐making factory “.


The lunchtime is crowded with local people in a home-run noodle shop.


The Grand menu of this store is four types: “Udon noodles (medium 250 yen)” (photo), “Bukkake udon”, “Pot fried udon” and ” Unforced udon ” (medium 330 yen each).


In addition to the tempura and rice balls there are about ten kinds in this, I will continue to custom to the volume of preference.


All the udon noodles are made in the store by your husband.


It is a taste that a fluffy texture becomes a habit through the throat that I was hanging.


It is also tasteful that the noodles are irregular.


The noodles are closed as soon as they are gone, so we recommend you go early.

A full-Self shop that is fun to boil yourself

The last thing you’ll see is “the Self-udon dragonfly”.


The udon noodles in Kagawa are divided into three kinds: “Full service” which brings the dish to the seat, and “Half self” which puts the ingredient in the udon which piled up in the bowl, and “Full self” which introduces this time.


“Full self” is a style that you do yourself to boil the udon noodles, and the speed of serving the dish, boiled to the degree of your liking, and what is more fun is attractive.


It is also popular with families because there are also many types of udon and side menus, such as “Pot bowl udon (1 ball 330 yen)” (photo), which is said to be “Carbonara of the udon field”.

Even if you say “udon” in a word, the taste and style are infinite.


In each store, because they also have a small size, why not try to enjoy the difference compared to eat a variety of stores.

"Udon Honjin Yamada House"

Street address
3186 Mure town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
daily 10:00-20:00
WEB site

“Otani noodle‐making factory”

Street address
551-1, Mure town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
daily 11:00-16:30

“ Self-udon dragonfly”

Street address
287-1 Mure town, Takamatsu city, Kagawa
phone number
business hours
daily 9:00 to 18:00
WEB site
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