One set of accommodation for a day with rich nature and art. “Muresuzume”

“Muresuzume,” which was renovated over a year over 100 years old houses on the hill of Mure town and Reincarnate as a lodging.

Located in the back of the popular Isamu-Noguchi Garden Museum, the surrounding area is surrounded by lush greenery, so you can spend a relaxing time with plenty of natural taste.

While taking advantage of the classical atmosphere of the old house, you can feel the sense of the owner and his wife in the interior incorporating Morocco elements.

Sightseeing Vol.6 2019/05/30

Renovation of the old house in good sense

“Muresuzume” is a cosy hotel with a limited set of one-day.


It is a little far from the center of the town, but if you can enjoy the sound of birds and insects that resonate in the silence and the full-scale starry skies covering the night sky, there are many guests from abroad.


The walls of the rooms are painted orange with soothing tones, and this is an exquisite match with old houses and older furniture.


The lighting of the Morocco carpet and the Isamu Noguchi is arranged well, and it is finished in a unique, cozy space.


The bathroom is also worth mentioning.


The spacious space where the longing of the cat foot bathtub is placed, the window is taken up completely and the sense of openness is excellent.

The service at home is also nice.

This inn does not offer meals, but it is possible to rent a bicycle and go to a restaurant in the city.


Delicious shops and recommended spots are taught by the inn.


In addition to the home of the owner and his wife, this building also has a specialty shop “Maroc” of the Morocco carpet which the wife runs, and there are a lot of colorful and cute items that tickle the female mind.


Referring to the interior of the inn, why not try to add the essence of the Morocco at home.


Book a room from Airbnb.


It is also good to visit with family and friends because it can accommodate up to 5 people per person 7,500 yen.


Street address
3547-2 Mure town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
phone number
WEB site
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