Everyone is challenged to make a cute Japanese sweets using the carved’s cake die! “Wasanbon Experience room Douhua”

It is a cake die with a history of more than 200 years born in the Edo period, but in recent years, it is said that it is a few people in the whole country by decreasing craftsmen, and it is only one person in Shikoku.

It is “Wasanbon Experience room Douhua” to convey the charm of such a precious cake mold through the experience of making Japanese sweets.

When you can make a cute Wasanbon and Nerikiri Experience, it has become popular mainly in women.

experience Vol.7 2019/06/04

Japanese Sweets Making a happy surprise full experience

The “Wasanbon Experience Room” is located in a residential area, a 5-minute walk from “Hanazono Station” of the Kotoden Nagao Line and a 10-minute walk from Kuribayashi station on the JR Taktoku line.


Here you can experience two types of Wasanbon and Nerikiri (1000 yen each), and you can join both at once.


You need to make a reservation two days in advance, so please contact us as soon as the schedule is decided.

First of all, it is from Wasanbon making.


Because it prepares a wooden pattern according to the season, you choose the one that you like from among them.


This time, the lineup seems to spring such as demon and beans, strawberries, hina dolls of Setsubun.


When the type is chosen, the color of the favorite of red, yellow, and green is blown to the rustling Japanese tray, it mixes, and it is packed in the type when moist.


The point of success is to push firmly here.


The shape collapses when the stuffing is removed from the type when it is sweet.


The moment you remove it from the mold, you might be a little nervous.


The voice of rejoicing does not think that you can do well.

Next is Nerikiri.


It is not understood at all where it is going on the whole at this stage although the teacher is said, and the pattern is chosen first, and the colorful bean paste and the requesting fertilizer are rounded like clay or it makes it to the bar.


With “?” on the head, and pressed against it to die, Nerikiri is made!.


The beautiful pattern and the color that comes out from the inside modestly are very cute.

A workshop and gallery where you can see various kinds of cake molds are also required

Tasting time with matcha tea after the end of the experience.


Wasanbon is a will truly bone texture that can only be tasted freshly, and the Nerikiri is healed by gentle sweetness.


It is also good to make a souvenir because you can prepare a container for takeout.


There are a workshop and a gallery of the confectionery of the Cake Tree craftsman’s shop and a tour next to about two of “Douhua”.


You can stop by all means because it is a masterpiece that the tree type of various kinds are lined up big and small.

"Wasanbon Experience room Douhua"

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1-9-13 Hanazono-machi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
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Friday-Wednesday 10:00-17:00
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