Unwind the original “Sanuki Kagari Temari” making experience

The “Sanuki Kagari Temari”, which uses cotton, a specialty of the Sanuki area, has a finely-decorated geometric pattern and a gentle color of plant dyeing, which never ceases to grasp the hearts of women from the Edo period.

In the “Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Society,” which is making a beacon that blends into the present life while valuing the technique of the tradition, and adding a modern sense and a device, the experience classroom which can participate even by the beginner is held, and the charm of this handicraft is conveyed.

experience Vol.8 2019/06/06

The fineness of the works of the writers is far from being distracted.

“Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation” is reusing the retro and cute kindergarten building, located about 10 minutes walk from Kotoden-Kawaramachi station.


Among them, Mokumoku and Kagari Temari are being produced, the yarn is dyed, and the writers are working with peaceful.


The gallery is lined with works by artists, but it is a breathtaking beauty.


No one can imagine how much detail they are making.

Please make a reservation at most 3 days in advance for a one and a half hour experience class for travelers (3240 yen).


In this classroom, we will produce “Whip hemp”, which is the basis of Kagari Temari.


First of all, it chooses the hand which becomes the base.


There are many things to be lost, but let’s make a decision.


Next, select the color of the yarn.


This is also a lot, so you will really suffer.


The yarn dyed with indigo, Akane, Walnut, Loquat, etc.is a gentle hue where the heart is relieved somewhere.


Let’s find one of the favorite while applying the thread to the hand.

I will continue to do the yarn while learning the steps to teach the teacher.


At first, I was wondering where to stab it, and I made a mistake, but one and a half hours is quick because I become innocent when I get used to it.


When the end is over, the fingertips are tingling because the power enters.


But the adorable thing that was completed! Because individuality goes out in how to match the color and the beacon, it is interesting that each individuality goes out even if advancing in the same process.

You can go for a souvenir search and a workshop tour without experiencing it.

The “Sanuki Kagari Temari ” that the space is much more gorgeous just to put it down is likely to be pleased with the gift.


In addition to the ultra-high-level works of artists in the “Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation”, we also sell plant dyeing yarn and hand production kits, so people who love handicrafts are required to visit.


Please try to experience this beauty for yourself.

"Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation"

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2-3-16, Kanko-dori, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture
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Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00 (closed on public holidays)
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