“Kitahama Blue Stories” to find Setouchi souvenirs with stories

A 10-minute walk from JR Takamatsu Station, there is a hot spot on the seaside, “Kitahama Alley”, which has been tastefully renovated with warehouses and vacant houses in the harbor.

There are wonderful cafes and shops in the area, but “the Kitahama blue stories” is a great choice for tourists.

It is the perfect place to find a souvenir, as you can enjoy the taste of the Seto Inland Sea and the traditional crafts of Takamatsu.

Sightseeing Vol.9 2019/06/11

A lot of items that you want to get involuntarily

A variety of souvenirs ranging from food to miscellaneous goods and clothing are lined up in the store with high ceilings and open-minded sense.


All of these are fashionable packages that have added a modern sensibility to traditional flavors and crafts.


We dance your heart to items that we have never seen, such as cute Kagawa traditional sweets “Our favorite”, salted olive from Shodoshima, colorful lacquered tableware, and a good-looking Botaori stall.

Not only the appearance but also the quality is origami.


Because the clerk politely explains the story which spreads to the background of the product such as the method of the tradition which has been passed down in this place for a long time, the relation between these and the nature and the culture, and the desire of the Craftsman and the writer, we can meet a dish with a fondness.


AJI PROJECT and Sanuki Kagari Temari also found the item. A good display of sense also becomes reference.

Masking tape and the story of the experience

The second floor has become a corner of the masking tape, and various masking tape such as color, pattern, and thickness are put on the place, and the number is surprised because it is said that it is too much 500 kinds. The origin of the masking tape is Kurashiki city, Okayama Prefecture.


They are dealing with the Setouchi connection. A workshop with masking tape is also held in the back space.


Marugame fans and Paper tiger, Aji stone brooch, you can decorate the design of your choice using 100 kinds of masking tape that is available.


It is a pleasure to be able to experience anytime without reservation.


Enjoy the charm of the Seto Inland Sea with your five senses by Kitahama blue stories.

kitahama blue stories

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4-10 Kitahama-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
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Wed ~ Mon 11:00 〜 19:00
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