The only color in the world you’ll meet at “Orii Gallery Hatinokura”

Takaoka City has long flourished as a producer of castings since the Edo period.

It still boasts an overwhelming domestic share of more than 90% of the casting industry, and most of the Buddha statues, bells, and bronze statues of the city that you see in temples and shrines throughout Japan are made in this city.

Since its establishment in 1950, “Momentum Factory Orii” has been involved in the coloring of various castings such as Buddha statues, tea utensils and arts and crafts, and you can encounter the rich expression of metal drawn out by traditional technology.

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Touch traditional techniques in a nostalgic area.

“Momentum Factory Orii” has a workshop in the city, but this time we headed to “Orii Gallery Hatinokura”, a shop and gallery located within walking of the station and convenient for sightseeing.


It is located in the corner of Yamamachi Valley, a commercial facility that renovated the former stationery merchant’s “Former Tanidoya” with three-story wooden Western-style architecture and a collection of storehouses, and there are many fashionable cafes and shops on the site.


The area around the facility is designated as an important traditional building group preservation area, and along the main street is an area where many buildings from the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa eras, which survived war damage, such as a storehouse-built townhouse and brick Western-style architecture, remain a walking-like area.

One of the heavy storehouses facing the courtyard of “Yamamachi Valley” is “Orii gallery Hatinokura”, and various miscellaneous goods and accessories such as red, blue, and yellow made of metal are scattered in the shop.


When you hear “coloring”, it is easy to imagine painting, but Orii’s metal coloring is a traditional technique that uses the corrosiveproperties of copper and brass to color by controlling chemicals and flames.


The metal is stewed in a pot containing a mixture of copper sulfate and carbonic acid, the dough coated with rice bran is baked with a burner, and the core of the rice is polished with “Negoboki”. And, the calm shades produced through a unique manufacturing process are powerful and full of presence.


The pattern that is drawn after the burning of rice bran adds a rich expression.

Coloring experience to create your own color

You can experience such a “coloring” process with “Orii gallery Hatinokura”.


The copper plate polished with a file is lit with a burner, but this baking is the point, and it is raised from the fire at an exquisite timing that is not too short and not too long, and cooled with water.


The moment the copper plate changes to a vivid color at the moment of watering, a voice of admiration goes up involuntarily.


The coloring experience takes 20-60 minutes and costs 1000-3000 yen.


You can make your favorite items, such as coasters and trays, from accessories such as necklaces and earrings.


Please visit “Orii Gallery Hatinokura” to make your own color only in the world.

Orii gallery Hatinokura

Street address
6 Town Valley, Komade-cho, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
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business hours
Thu., Fri 11:00-17:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00
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