“Shimatani Syouryu Workshop” which deals with items that overturn the image of metal

Another place to visit in Takaoka, a casting town, is “Shimatani Syouryu Workshop”.

Since its establishment in Meiji 42, the studio has been specializing in the manufacture of temple orrins, but in recent years, the “Suzugami” series, which makes use of its technology, has attracted attention both in Japan and abroad.

In the workshop, you can observe the production of Orin, which is one of the few in Japan, and experience the popular ” Suzugami ” making.

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A profound tone that resonates throughout the body and heals the mind and body

First of all, it is from the lecture about making Orin.


There are a lot of large and small kana-zuzu in the workshop, but there are a lot of them, and there are a lot of them, and there are a lot of them.


Using these methods, the brass plate is shaped by hand little by little.


The most important process is “tone”.


When You hit orin, you hear the sound, and then you hit it again to hear the sound.


It is said that it takes more than ten years of experience to master the swell of the three sounds of “Ko, Oto, and Mon” by relying only on the intuition of the craftsman.


The sound of orin, which was then completed, is a fascinating sound that penetrates deeply into the core of the body while gently enveloping the surroundings.


The orin of the “Shimatani Syouryu Workshop” that play sacred sounds are used habitually at temples around the country.

"Tin paper" can be changed freely by hand even though it is metal.

“Suzugami” is a series that was born in recent years by making use of this high-strength forging technology.


As the name suggests, a tin vessel that is as thin as paper and can be bent freely has the strength to withstand not only patterning but also repeated bending by repeatedly tapping the rolled tin plate with a hammer.


It is an item that can be produced because it is a forged gold craftsman.


Even though it is metal, the feeling that can be bent freely and deformed is fresh.

Let’s challenge such a “suzu-no-mi” making experience.


The fabric of thin tin of the solid plain which is smooth is beaten with the stick with the pattern.


First of all, I will have the craftsman show the example.


The work of lightly and rhythmically is very simple.


However, if you actually try, if the pattern is not clean, there is unevenness in the strength to hit, it does not quite uniform.


It is completed somehow while struggling!


Although it is irregular, it was finished in a dish with a deep taste if it says well.


Feel the infinite possibilities of metal at Shimatani Syouryu Workshop, which has transformed the hard, cold image of the metal into a soft, warm item.

Shimatani Syouryu Workshop

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Chiishi, Takaoka, Toyama 4-2
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Mon-Sat 9:00-17:00 (Reservation required for tours and experiences)
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