“Fish Market Shokudo” where you can enjoy the exquisite yellowtail of fat norinori

After a lot of sightseeing in Takaoka, head to Himi, famous for the Cold yellowtail.

It is 30 minutes from Takaoka Station to Himi Station by JR Himi Line.

On the way, it is a scenic route that runs on the edge of the cliff on the coast of the Sea of Japan, so I would like to take a seat on the right side facing the direction of travel if possible.

Himi is also known as the birthplace of Fujiko Fujio A, known for his manga “Ninja Hattori-kun”, and there are many sightseeing spots scattered around the city, and hot springs are also famous and there are day-trip hot springs, so if you have time, take a stroll around the city.

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Popular shops loved by locals

If you come to Himi in winter, you should definitely eat a cold yellowtail.


It is also a brand called “Himi-kanburi(cold yellowtail)” and is offered at many restaurants in the city, but this time we will introduce the “Fish Market Cafeteria” located on the second floor of the Fish Market in Himi Fishing Port, where fresh fish gather.


It is a local restaurant that local fishermen also use, and seafood bowls filled with seasonal fish are popular. 


In the season of yellowtail, we introduce the deliciousness of “Himi-kanburi” with a variety of menus, such as shabu-shabu, pottery, and stewed dishes, as well as sashimi.

If you want to enjoy the taste of “Himi-Kanburi” simply, please enjoy “Natural Yellowtail Sashimi Set Meal (2080 yen)”.


The thickly cut brie is fresh because the corners are crisp and visible.


When you eat a bite, the sweet fat spreads softly and melts.


It is firm and chewy and is sufficient to respond to eating.


The set meal comes with local fisherman’s rice fisherman’s soup, which is a great deal.


Another thing I would like to eat is “Natural Yellowtail shabu shabu (1580 yen)”.


Let the thinly sliced sashimi be quickly passed through the hot dashi broth and added to the ponzu with the vegetables.


Because the fat falls moderately, the taste of the rich fish stands out.


Because it can be eaten refreshingly, it is also good to add it to the bowl and the set meal.

Don't miss out on the lively seri

In the fishing port just below this dining room, seri is held every morning around 6 am, and the lively seri can be seen by ordinary tourists.


(Because the market is closed on Sundays, public holidays, some Wednesdays, and stormy weather, it is certain to check the day before.)


The dining room is open from 6:30, so we recommend a course called “Early rise- and go to the restaurant for breakfast” from the seri tour to the restaurant.


“Fish Market Shokudo” is a must after noon, so if you want to use it for lunch, please come with plenty of time.

Fish Market Cafeteria

Street address
435 Hibimachi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture
phone number
(050) 5595-5605
business hours
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