A sightseeing train “Berumota” where you can enjoy Toyama as a whole

For those who want to travel efficiently and meaningfully in Toyama Prefecture, the sightseeing train “Bell Montaigne et Mer” is recommended. Also known as “Berumonta”.

It is a sightseeing train full of fun where you can taste Toyama’s gourmet and sake while looking at the Tateyama mountain range and the car window where the Sea of Japan spreads.

Every Saturday is the Shirobata Line, which goes south from Takaoka to The Castle End, and on Sundays, the Himi Line, which goes north from Takaoka to the ice viewing area, is operated, so if you incorporate it well according to the schedule, the enjoyment of the trip will expand greatly.

Sightseeing Vol.5 2020/02/18

One hour of riding is quick with a lot of fun tricks

This time, take the Jyouhana Line and head towards Hida from Takaoka Station.


When you arrive at the platform of Takaoka Station, “Berumonta” is welcome.


The retro design of deep green is very photogenic.


It is a compact car of one-car train, but there are a lot of attractions.


There are various ideas, such as hanging leather inspired by Takaoka copperware and works of Toyama’s proud traditional craft “Inami Sculpture”, so let’s check every corner.

In the car, sushi incorporating seafood from the Sea of Japan, a set of comparisons of Toyama’s famous sake, and a set of snacks that go well with sake are also served.


You may be able to order these on the day, but it is safe to reserve them in advance.


When the train starts running, a peaceful scenery spreads out from the big window.


It’s a luxury to enjoy Toyama gourmet while looking at the Tateyama mountain range with slightly snow makeup in the distance.


The staff will explain the nature and culture of Toyama while driving, so you will learn more.

It is “Berumota” that you can enjoy the charm of Toyama with five senses while moving.


The Himi Line running on the Sea of Japan side is particularly popular, and it is recommended that you book early when the schedule is decided because it is likely to be full until two months in the busy season.

Belle Montagne et Mer

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