“Nosaku” to enjoy the whole thing by looking at the charm of castings and making and using them

Since its founding in 1916, Nosaku has made a variety of items such as Buddhist tools, vases, tea utensils and table accessories, and has inherited the casting techniques of Takaoka since the Edo period.

At the head office and factory in Takaoka City, you can see traditional techniques and experience the production, and there is a café where you can enjoy dishes using local ingredients with “Nosaku” tin vessels, making it a hot spot for sightseeing spots.

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One of the largest facilities in Takaoka that conveys the appeal of castings

Nosaku’s office is 4,000 tsubo in size.


Once you step into a stylish building on a large site, you’ll find a lot of wood molds that are actually used in casting.


The size and shape are varied, and it can be seen that we have been working on various items according to the times.


Here you can see the craftsmen actually working for free.


It is a style that goes around the factory while listening to the staff’s explanation, but it is not through the glass, but because you can see the state of each process up close, you can experience the details of the craftsmen and the loud sound that echoes in the factory.

Along with factory tours, it is popular to experience handmade tin products.


Using the traditional technique of Takaoka Copper Ware, the sand is pushed and hardened to create a form by pouring liquidtized tin into the space.


If this is polished with a sanding and stamped, it is the completion of only one original casting item in the world.


You can make small items such as chopstick rests and paper weights, such as pots and bowls, so please try it.


Please note that the production experience is subject to a fee and the price varies depending on the item, and a reservation must be made in advance.

Casting instruments bring out the dishes beautifully

If you get a lot of experience with the charm of the castings during the tour and experience, take a break at the hotel’s café, IMONO KITCHEN.


The recommended menu is a craftsman curry set, daimonmoto noodles and onigiri set (1500 yen each).


The set menu is full of salads full of fresh local vegetables.


The vase of the casting brings out the dish gorgeously and is vivid to the eyes.


Drinks and sweets are also available, making it ideal for use as a café.


Please do not forget to shop because there are a wide variety of items such as the popular product “Nosaku” popular product “bending metal basket”.


Please come and visit Nosaku where you can feel the charm of castings.


(Photo courtesy of Nosaku)


Street address
8-1 Office Park, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
phone number
business hours
Daily 10:00-18:00 (Factory tour 9:30-17:00/ Café LO 17:30)
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