For corporate customers

【For corporate customers】

The Real Japan Online Store sells over 500 people with a wide variety of products together.
We handle many products that can not be easily seen in other stores.
You can use products with excellent design unique to our shop as products or novelties for campaign gifts according to your purpose.
We will propose according to your needs such as budget and quantity. There are also items that can be used to make your own name and bespoke, so please feel free to contact us first.

Please inquire from the special form below.

Application such as coverage

Application such as coverage of this site is Please contact us from the special form

【Utilization scene of a gift】

As a PR tool

You can use the gift as a gift for sales and contractors as a product promotion or campaign prize.

As a festive gift

When a client opens a new office, or when an acquaintance starts an independent business, do you give a product that is particular about promotion, listing, etc.?

As part of a company’s CSR activities

It can be used as a business gift such as a souvenir that links environmental protection and social contribution to a corporate image, and it is a “gift that can be appreciated by both the giving party and the society,” as well.

【Regarding the name of the product】

There are also many items that can be entered.
Please feel free to contact us regarding made-to-order products.


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